6 plant DWC Closet Grow Tent (first grow ever)

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  1. You cant see my airstone setup but basicly i have both valves from my 60gal pump hooked up to a series of tubing valves and 4 airstones (the long stick ones). all spaced out length-wise.
    My main support for the plants is layerd elmers foamcore with holes cut and makeshift fishnet baskets added for my peat pellets. I did this so it would float on the water maintaining a constant distance from the water....

    My current double ghetto ballast is running one 42 watt 65k cfl bulb(I want to make sure my plants are squatty) allong with four more 24 watt 25k bulbs. For flowering I will be swiching 2 of the 24watt 25k's I have for 2 more of the big 42watt 65k's.

    Since I'm starting from 'the seeds Regginald gave me' and this is my first grow ever, Im using general MG nutes from wally world.... and this bottle of superthrive.
    Should I go ahead and get some epsom salt aswell?
    What are the dangers in using water from the faucet in my appt?
    The only ventilation happening in this tent is the ventilation caused by the fan, what i plan on doing do solve this short term is just open the door to allow new air into the closet when im able to safely and conviently, my long term fix i plan on putting an intake on the bottongof my door and an exhaunt vent on the top of my closet door...
    Should I be worried about smell?

    Oh yeah i'd probably have a better more respectable lighting situation but it was all concieved and executed probably 24 hours ago....

    My budget is exhausted for the moment but pointing out the next highest priority upgrades would be a great help for me!

    (the black picture is to show the light leaking from my closet)

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  2. oh, this box perfectly takes up the left third of my closet, the width of the door being the center third and then another spot to the right, i plan on keeping this set up while adding 2 more boxes for a full closet of 18 plants, the top shelf curently usef for storage will be organized and converted into a cloning station, but these are far in the future, the next addition im doing (asside from suggested upgrades) will be to make abd finish the second bubblebox.
    oh yeah, primer went on the lid and top of foam board to be more reflective...
  3. Redid ballast, it now sports lights in a range of spectrums and sizes,
    Its a mixed spectrum (flowering lights with vegging lights) i figured it wouldn't hurt them growing like this from seeds...
    Overall im Pushing 17800 lumens for these six plants,
    how close should my lights be to them?
    pics of new lighting situation soon after i figure out how to post them

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