6 Degrees of Separation (Very Trippy!!)

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  1. I tried doing a search on this in the forums but I didn't see anything related, so I'm gonna post on it here. My friend and I were talking about this after smoking some ganja (of course) and I have to say this is very trippy (at least for us) and very well possible. Scientists have done research on this and the average is 6 people. For people that have no clue what I am talking about, what 6 Degrees of Separation is, is the theory that everyone is the world can be connected through an average of 6 people. For example Barrack Obama the leader of the free world could be connected to you through 6 people (ex. a cousin of a cousin of a friend of a relative of friend of relative, etc.) However the research done was controversial and some say it's not enough evidence to see any truth behind it. I just think it's an interesting concept that I may know Megan Fox through six people. I think my chances just got better.
    What do you guys think?:yay:

    Six degrees of separation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  2. I've read this before...dunno how true it is but it would be pretty crazy...why the fuck dont i have like 5,000,000 friends on myspace then?
  3. it's a small world...
  4. ha yeah all is one

    family son

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