6-arm ashcatcher gravity bong

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  1. Made this g-bong. Its glass on glass with a diffused downstem and 6-arm black leaf octopus pre-cooler. Also got the cool orange glass vase for it. Its the perfect size and the glass work is awesome

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  2. Do you think the 6-arm makes the hit smoother? Not trying to be sarcastic or anything - I always found gravity bongs to be pretty harsh, it would be pretty cool if this actually affects the hit

  3. It definitely does. I have a waterfall I made out of a Vitamin Water bottle, I stick the diffused downstem in before my bowl and you can for sure tell a difference.
  4. lol i got your octopus ash catcher. 40 on grass city, can't beat that.

    But octopus should have 8 arms not 6 lol

  5. Not 15?
  6. Post a milk vid!

  7. I was being sarcastic
    Black leaf made a 15 arm bubbler and called it the octopus bubbler.
  8. Seconded.
  9. Third! Lets gooo

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