5x refined butane????

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  1. I'm located on the eastern shore of Maryland and can not find 5x refined butane anywhere locally,anyone have suggestions?or where do u normally pick it up at?I've found it on the Internet but don't wanna wait unless I have too. Thanks
  2. Most head shops so carry vector i find even on bulk packs
  3. Great idea thanks
  4. If you dont mind waiting for shipping and dont mind buying in bulk, amazon is your best bet. You can find the same wholesale prices that smoke shops get if for.
  5. That's what were here for doing bho?
  6. Yes, we were put here to make BHO. :D lol..not sure what you mean?
  7. Yea sorry meant that's, why your looking. You're defiantly in for a treat
  8. I always use the Power 5X...Way cheaper and just as good as Vector, plus my local corner store owner hooks me up for 30$ a case no tax me likey...
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    FYI power 5X is not 5 times refined. 5X is a marketing tool, no where does it say 5x refined, it only says super refined. Its quality is still very,very close to vector quintuple, but i would never say its as good as vector. I use Power 5X for my torches, but i wouldnt spray with it. Thats just me though, its better than most tane out there.
  10. So power is no good?anyone have any other suggestions other then vector?i don't mind spending but I don't mind saving some bucks either
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    Power is a relatively good butane in comparison to most tane on the market. If you want the healthiest and best butane money can buy, get some 99%+ n-butane. which as far as i know can only be bought from gas supply companies. No canned tane is pure n-butane, even Vector has propane and mercaptans in it :eek:. IMO vector is the best readily available butane, power is fine to use though. But I would rather pay the extra $ for Vector and a potentially cleaner solvent.
  12. Thanks for the insight
  13. Vector and other brands are sweet but dodo is a company that is 7x refined and it has a metal tip as supposed to plastic(as in past our vector tips would in rare occasion would break off wasting some or all of the spare butane) and it was two bucks cheaper than vector
  14. Xi-Kar is better then vector just what I prefer it's mainly from cigar enthusiast though
  15. everyone loves vector, power 5x is the cheapest
  16. I am also reading that the cans are being false advertised, the content amount is misleading.

    Stated as 300ml, but is really only 5.8 oz , which is only 176 ml, when it should really be 10oz(300ml), almost double the amount.

    I am paying 70 for Vector, 12 cans of 320ml. Thats 3,840ML of vector

    If you do the math for 5X POWER 12 cans of 176 = 2112, case of 5x power is 40 on amazon


    Is this really that big of a savings? NOO, people think they are getting a good deal. :smoking:
  17. 5x is not the cheapest as I just said dodo is cheaper and is 7x refined.
  18. why use the cheapest butane? eww

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