5th week flowering purple wreck--NEED HELP!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by kayakush, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. hey all,
    so i have a reserva privada purple wreck that is about 5 weeks flowering. see my sig for journal. anyway, i noticed that on the past few really hot days my plant has had some branches droop or whatever. i dont know what it is. the branches have bud on em and are fine but i dont get why the branches are drooping. any ideas????
  2. I'm not an expert but aren't you overwatering or underwatering?
  3. really hot day drooping would tell me to water them VERY EARLY MORNING or LATE EVENING! NEVER NEVER NEVER in FULL SUN! A flowering plant can easily drink up a gallon+ of water a day. add to that high temps and they get super thirsty!

  4. i dont think so

    i have noticed this too.....i have been feeding every day, in the morning or night. i hope its just the heat, the odd thing is its about 3-4 branches only
  5. Bottom branch will be the first to
    Droop I believe.

  6. they are the bottom ones
  7. what should i do to remedy this? the temps in my attic have gone to 110 and the plant was fine in veg but now bloom the temps lately have been too hot and i need to know if i should water more.....i got the a/c going and put in a box fan
  8. lift her up! if the pots light you know she drinkin heavily. if not you kow its just the heat alone. 110 is scorching brother!

  9. hey yeah i did the lift method. it is 90 F now in the attic but with the heat it pushes it....i dont want 6 weeks of flower and caput.....any recommendations besides watering more in the morining? i was thinking about moving the plant if i had to bcz of all this heat. holla..........
  10. The heat is deadly. May even cause them to go hermi from stress... Need to get it to atleast 84ish
  11. heres a picture of a branch.

  12. take a pike from the sides not top it looks weird like that a bit confusing

  13. the last pic is from the side

  14. it looks awesome tho some leaves are kinda weird or is it just me?

  15. the plant was done with lst....anyway...i tied all the shit up with yarn and am almost done with the flower period

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