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5th grade science project

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. im thinking about offering up the idea to my son (yea this is a parent help project) to change the color of earth worms.
    i think i remember watching a show or somthing about a guy who sold green worms, an said they were better for fishing or somthing... the key words being "think" i saw somthing about it...lol anyhow
    i think it would work by adding stuff to soil (maybe food coloring). but the question is how long might such a thing take????....what do ya think????????
    he wants to do somthing about tire rotation buuuut, well my math is worse than my spelling

  2. Two words: spray paint :)
  3. sounds good
  4. Gummy worms.
  5. wax worms kinda look like maggots dont they?.....my kid will looove that :eek:
    the timiming sounds perfect, he has to turn in in by feb 10th
    thank you cow i owe you one. i really do

  6. n/p, I'm happy to help any blade out.... as long as theres a smoke up involved! :D j/k :smoking:

  7. i do owe you :) maybe somtime somewhere.....
    now if i can just come up with some sort of scientific reason as to why we could want to change the color of wax worms were all set.
    i noticed on the link the person who asked the question, was a buckeye......that little fact was not lost on me. lol...

    thanks again moo-cow
    and if theres anything i can do for you,.....just ask

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