55W fluores @ 6000K spectrum is ok for vegging ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by charlesweedmore, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. hi guys,

    i will use compact strip fluorescents for vegging moms,clones and during all vegging stage

    i will buy 80cm X 80cm homebox S as vegging room,as you know

    i can only find 6000K OSRAM Delux L 55W/860 in my country.
    is it right spectrum for vegging & moms & clones ?

    how many lumens are needed for vegging in 80cm X80 cm tent ?

    i can use 6 X 55w fluores.6 X 4550 = 27300

    i will put about 16 girls at vegging at the same time in Homebox S.

    i think 27300 lumens @ 6000K would be alright for 16 vegging girls in homebox S.
    Is it true ?
    i dont want to spend for MH at this time..
    what do you think ? ?

    thanks bros.
  2. Sorry, but no. For that many plants, you would be way underpowered. Keep in mind that you are only pushing 330 watts with the lighting you described. The general rule of thumb is 100w per plant and 50w for each additional plant. You will need to be pushing about 750-800 watts to do it right. If you want to grow that many plants you need to upgrade to a 600 or 1000w HPS or MH system.
  3. but how ?

    i have 600w hps for flowering..
    if you say 100watt per plant,i need to use 1600 watt hps for 16 plants ?

    and i also dont understand this point..
    do i have to put 800W floros for veging 15 girls ?isnt it too much ?

    many people uses T5 fixtures and also 'mr .green' says hps or MH not needed for vegging..
    i am confused!?!

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