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  2. if she doesn't appreciate that then dump that hoe you're better off without her
  3. yeah dude girls are fuckin nuts dude...

    "bitches be schemin' ,I kid ya not" as the great B.I.G says himself..

    I was in a similar sounding situation and have always had lying girlfriends and shit like this...
  4. the hardest thing to do is break up and move out. believe me, i know this.

    this is the best thing to do: take a breath, smoke a bowl, and do it.

    the next three days are going to suck so hard if you loved her, but after that you'll realize how much better off you are and move on. dumping my last girlfriend (we dated for 15 months) was incredibly hard for me, but after that my quality of life increased literally 100x. good luck man, and remember, you always have us!
  5. Yeah man, keep us informed and we'll try and help ya out the best we can.
  6. my girlfriends in fucking portsmouth for the next week and a half :(...

    dude, if you find the right girl, youll know. it wont be your average relationship...seems you respect her, but its not as mutual, she doesnt seem to hold up her end, flat out, if shes not the one, leave her...shes wasting time when you could be on the look out for ms.right

    also, time will feel really quick when your with her...me and her are now both 20 nothings, but we first started dating when we were 16...even when your in the cloudiest state, youll still remember the little things...

    good luck man...
  7. Relationships are a lot of drama, man. I've felt like shit so many times over them.

    If she's such a bitch, the best thing for you to do is dump her. It's not easy to do, but it will make shit better down the road, ya know?
  8. Im in same boat. "Everything stops for you everything drops for you ill burry a block for you ill let go every shot for you and i'll reload the clip jus to make sho hes hit". Thats how i treat my girl and she says she loves me and shit then she dosent wanna get "serious". Its hard to get away from that. I know how you feel man. I got no advice for you but jus stay strong. If she dosent respect you then pull a cowboy on her. While your fuckin her from the back tell her that her sister was better and try and hold on. Have some fun.
  9. Dysfuntional relationships never work out in the end. I dont understand why people who dont get along or have " love/hate" relationships stay together for so long. I've seen it happen to two good friends of mine. They have both told me.. "I should have gotten out of it a loong time ago." Break ups are HARD. I've been through 2 hard break ups myself. One of the girls I thought I would end up marrying. You just gotta end it when it gets bad.. there are to many other girls out there for you. Be confident in that.
  10. seriously if she doesn't treat you the way that you treat her then you're just wasting time that you could be with somebody who actually cares about you
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  12. Even thinking of my ex-wife right now makes me mildly nauseous. I detest ever putting a ring on her finger, and kind of hope she burns in hell
  13. for real man, if you arent into it, get out

    i was with my last for 3.5 years before i ended it.

    we werent 'dysfunctional' by any stretch, i would try and give her the world, she never really appreciated it,

    I cant tell you how much better ive been since then, honestly a week after i did it, i was walking with my head higher than it was over those 3 years and my life was been so nice just livin by my rules, no stress

    sometimes you gotta step back and ask, "is this what I really want" while not bein selfish, you gotta keep yourself happy man:smoke:
  14. Girls are f**king intense. I totally understand though my girl, as much as I love her, she drives me so crazy. I just get her to shotgun with me, and then she is all happy and laughs a lot.

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