50lbs of weed found in home depot

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by greentea, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. :eek:
    Where does all the siezed marijuana go? Do they burn it in a factory somewhere? Can I send my resume to this "factory"?
  2. why does shit like this never happen to me? why can't i buy something and discover it filled with illegal narcotics?
  3. This shit needs to happen to someone worthy.
  4. Needs to happen to someone who won't let it go to waste....wasteful bastards....that coulda got starving kids in Somalia stoned outta their little minds.
  5. It does happen to "worthy" people occasionally but its never on the news :)
  6. why in god's name would you report this?

    i would be the most satisfied customer home depot ever had.
  7. They burn it in the woods miles away from civilization.
  8. I'm going to Home Depot and check all the boxes...lol
  9. That sounds like a good idea to me :D
  10. AHAHAHAHA!!! ROFLMAO! +rep man.
  11. the cops smoke it
  12. I watched something on ... I think it was the History Channel ... maybe it was the Discovery Channel ... I don't remember. Anyways ... it was about drug trade from Mexico but they showed how they "disposed of the contraband" Honestly --- It was the saddest thing I have ever seen:( (well ... I probably not but it was really f*cked up)They had a semi full top to bottom, wall to wall with weed. They went to some kind of factory (can't remember what it was) but they had a big furnace and they said it was so hot that it wouldn't create any smoke or anything. Then I watched them throw pounds and pounds of it into the furnace ... I had to change the channel --- that was too much for one person to take
  13. immage how sick it would be for that to happen to you, you could retire...

    but damn, who ever misplaced that 50 poutns is gonne be REALLY pissed off
  14. lol that made me laugh
  15. Actualy they put it in an oven, that doesn't burn it, but heats it up so much it turns to ash wihtout smoke.
  16. Getting starving kids stoned would be the meanest thing ever, wait until they get the munchies!
  17. I was reading in maxim about cases with internal affairs of officers whos job it is to dispose of the seized drugs. All these guys are supposed to dump of lbs of weed and kilos of coke and herioin at some federal building, and sometimes the whole shipment doesn't make it. Think about how much money that is in their pocket for re-selling the drugs, crazy. But the article in the mag talked about how these dumb asses got caught.
  18. Yep, the temptation got the best of them and they got nabbed haha dumb bastards!!
  19. thats fucked up. how come stoners like us can't buy a cabinet and get some bud, but some old chick finds it and calls the cops. :smoking:

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