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50g of vaped weed quick question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by tumtumsaum, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. when making the cannabutter would I be okay to put all of the vaped weed with 2 sticks of butter? some recipes call for exact ratio's and i don't want to screw anything up. Thanks!
  2. hell, if you wanted to, you could probably use all that with ONE stick, using another stick will only aid in the process.
  3. Tum, from what I have seen you want double the amount if your using vaped bud. So around 1 oz should be good for 2 sticks of butter, but you can always make it stronger. You could make some QWISO with the excess, that's what I do since I can never save up enough for butter.
  4. i like to us as little butter/oil as i can get away with so i can have the strongest end product :)
  5. Maybe I'm missing something (or just blazed) but wouldn't more butter/oil produce a stronger product?
  6. Vaped weed = ABS weed (already been smoked)

    Vaped weed is probable the worst thing to use. I highly doubt that there is even any THC left in it. There may be a few canabinoids left in the bud, but you'll probably just be really bumbed out when you're done.
  7. I cook with my re-vape/AVB all the time, the stuff I make from it is actually very potent.
  8. I use my vaped weed and stems and my butter comes out good but i dont vape my bud all the way just the first 2 bags but believe me theres some THC left in vape bud!! it beats a blank by far!!!!:smoke:
  9. I wouldn't entirely skimp on the butter.

    Just mix that shit in a pan. Add more if it looks like it needs more. You want to make sure its 100% saturated throughout the bud to get the most efficient THC extraction. Too much butter will only mean that you need to use more butter in whatever product your making. Too little butter and you risk not extracting all of the THC, and the flavor is stronger and more pungent.

  10. trust be theres more than enough THC left because only the surface is being affected and inner absorbed leaf water. so tech. speaking you could even smoke it in a bong and double your product usage or any other way. done it myself and pays off when you only have saved up ABV bud and nothing else to smoke. vaporizers also save money by not wasting it on blunts papers, lighters ect... also, helps retain lung health. (fact)
  11. you clearly haven't actually made edibles with vaped weed because you couldn't be more wrong.
  12. tell me about it. I used an OZ of vaped bud for 2 sticks of butter which i used entirely for a batch of 16 EXTREMELY potent brownies.
  13. It'll probably just get you high to the point of wanting more munchies
  14. #14 tharedhead, Oct 17, 2010
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    Vape weed makes incredible couch lock edibles. It can also be used to make tinc (Golden Dragon) which-I wish I could teleport you some of this:)
  15. As do I

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