50cents/mg for hydromorphone :>

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Squishey, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Found a guy who can sell me a couple pills every now and then, 3mg pills for 1.50$ :D
    Im pumped getting 4 monday, im gonna bust out a line in front of him on his kitchen table and sniff it asap.
    That antsy for this shit.
  2. Hydromorph = Epic nod.

    I have 40mg now of 4mg Dilaudid, getting 80 more tomorrow. Then in a day or two I can get 20 12 mg extended releases ones.

    Its the best drug
  3. High five barnkis.
    The problem i have with it though, is that i can never figure out my dosage :S
    Ive done it maybe 3 times, first time i did 6mg and was on like 4 other things and didnt really feel it
    second time i did 2mg and was throwing up (i was talking to you that time :D_
    and the last time i did 3mg and it was ok.
    I dont have a tolerance either, im thinking 6mg next time...
  4. Ya I'm getting some 10mg ir opanas and the 40mg ers.

    So excited.

    Dilaudid's are legit tho, nice find :D
  5. :D
    Not dialud. Its just 3mg Xr pills from canada, cant remember the name :S
  6. I figured brosky, I was just saying dilaudid because I'm lazy like that.
  7. I used to get the 2mg from my p.m doctor, but had to go to the local doctor to get a shot because I couldn't piss to save my life. 18 of them isn't worth it. 4's go for 15 around here.
  8. in the US the brand name is Palladone, it might be different in Canada
  9. [​IMG]
    these, but green and 3mg
  10. nice, they look tasty enough. they have beads inside that you have to crush up, right?
  11. Yeah :(
    but each pill has like ten beads, and i dont know how to crush em, they are way harder than adderall.
    I dont wanna use the usual methods because i will loose like half of the product :(

  12. Bag + hammer ???
  13. yea, the cellophane from cig packs works pretty well because powder doesn't really stick to it much and it's easy to get it out

    you could also try a mortar and pestal, that's what I often do with addy xr beads
  14. well, the bag usually breaks when i try that :S
    Like it cuts holes in it because the beads are so hard. And if i use a mortar/pestel some will fly away and get stuck on shit, i would loose a lot seeing as 3mg is a tiny amount of beads.
  15. Im getting some of these babies.

    put the beads uner some tough plastic and crush it with something hard, beat the shit out of it
  16. So like, thick plastic like a plastic divider for example?
    Then just tape down the edges and go at er with a hammer? :p
    Yeah, btw, im going to take pics of the whole process :)
    Cant wait for a fat line, yummy.
  17. Yeah thats good,
  18. nice. DUDE, i cant fucking wait till monday T_T
    im sooo antsy, i want it now D:

  19. how much are you blowin?
  20. Ima do 6mg and see where that puts me and have another 3mg bump :)
    no tolerance either, its gonna be wild.

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