500w Chameleon Plasma VS 600w HPS Comparison Grow

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  1. Ok so I have started a test with the new 500w Chameleon Plasma Grow light Next to a 600w HPS  with everyone looking for the next big thing in grow lighting I think this is the perfect time to see this comparison.
    The set up is the same for both the HPS and the Plasma lighting I will be using 2 4x4x6.7 Gorilla Grow tents and for soil I went with Pro-mix and added Humus, Black Gypsum, Mycos, Crab shells, Dry Kelp and EWC from my bin. 
    Nutrients  I will be keeping it simple for the sake of the comparison, I will be using General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Micro, Bloom and I will use Mother Of all Bloom for my booster when the time comes. I will also be using Microbe life hydroponics  Photosynthesi Plus, Foliar Spray & Root Dip, Vegetable & Fruit Yield Enhancer and Nourish-L for my watering in between feedings.
    For Strains I decided to go with Autoflowers, I will be growing some Diablo, Black Dragon, Critical Jack, C-99 I picked these strains because I have the photo versions in my mother tent to do a review from clone to harvest next for you also.
    Well Pics are what everyone wants to see so without further adieu! 
    Here is the light itself 
    The plasma light is built like a tank! It is not as heavy as you might think and my Gorilla Grow tent can take the weight without issue!
    The plasma does have some heat not at all like the hps but it has more ambient heat then LEDs. It has 3 fans on the top of the unit to pull heat away from your plants I am able ot lower the light to about 8-9 inches from the canapy, the issue is not heat but if I move it closer it bleaches the plants. I do notice that the air flow is better in my tent with this light the fans really help push the air up to the top of the tent. 
    Research shows that Chameleon plasma grow lighting benefits compared to traditional HPS or MH grow lighting include:
    More CCT (correlated color temperature) Full-Spectrum Nutritional Sunlight-Energy than any other grow light I can find information on see below 
    5780k = Sunlight
    5500k = Chameleon Plasma
    2100k = High Pressure Sodium
    More CRI (Color Rendering Index) than any other Grow Light on the Planet
    100 CRI = Sunlight
    95 CRI = Chameleon® Plasma
    24 CRI = High Pressure Sodium
    I have noticed More root mass, thicker stems, more green leaf matter, shorter internodes
    the better spectrum produces a more balanced ecosystem producing healthier plants.
    The first thing you notice is the light quality is so clean next to the hps, It is so clean looking.
    Here is the Black dragon that has been under Plasma @ 2 weeks
    And here is the one under the HPs @ 2 weeks
    And the Critical jack under plasma @ 2 weeks
    And critical jack under HPS @ 2 weeks
    I had to share this pic it is a black stone that decided to auto at 2 weeks But the thing that shocks me is the size for 2 weeks it has been only under plasma.
    So far the plants under the plasma are greener and fuller. they have not used as much water either and the max fan on my tent is turned to 1
    The plants in the hps tent are doing great also as you can see the plants are healthy, but have some stretch to them. We will see the end results and the ride along the way!
    Please let me know what you think so far anyone used plasma? Thanks for veiwing and untill next time.
    Happy Growing 

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    Im pulling up a seat.....900 bucks is rough but way better light
  3. Im so intrigued... Im honestly considering LED tho ... less heat by far and invisible to IR which to me is worth the $450 i just havent seen a good comparison between 1000w hps and whatever the equivalent is in LED ... plus its stronger per watt so less draw on electricity.. This chamleon has me intrigued.. just when i get comfortable with one thign you had to go and throw another in my shopping cart hahah my girl is gunna kill me now ... +respect on the pics and comparison bud.. Cheers!
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    I am really loving the plasma light as far as yield we will see, but I think its going to make for a good show! The nice thing is I can get it closer to my plants so I can keep a tight canopy.
    @InkOnMyFanLeaves420  I have used many LEDs I have like 10 lights over 10k in lights collecting dust, I like them in veg but when it comes time for flower they lack IMO. That is why I wanted to run plasma, I have never seen a grow to the end with this new 500w plasma light.
    @greenthumbs21 Honestly man I have spent more on a LED a few times then $945 but ehh, we will see so far they love it ( not into heavy flower yet though) and if the data holds true it should make some really good meds so we will see lol I am sending the end results off to a lab for testing to get the numbers and data for you all!
    Happy Growing!
  5. Subbed. Plants look beautiful mate very interested in the results, nice one.
  6. I love me some lab tests!!!....i rock cheap old magnetic hps....but plasma is the way to go when the price falls a bit....really the closest thing to the photons given off by our real sun.... hands down
  7. WOW!  I'm impressed.....I'm an extreme newbie to GC & been medical pt for just over a year. Came to GC to lean about growing my own meds & found this on my second day here....lol. I am now fully aware of how much I have to learn!!!!!! I was so new I figured  'oh just a few tips & I'll be on my way to a full, fruitful plant in no time". Guess I'm lucky in that I got a reality check before jumping in full steam. Now I'm signed up for a "class" at Harborside ( as Oaksterdam was too $$$). I will follow you here as something to aspire to. Thanks for sharing.
  8. TY, I hope I can put on a great show!
    Its not all that hard, My advice is get General Hydroponics flora Micro, Grow, Bloom and stick to the feed chart. Any Q's you have I would be happy to help. You will be a pro in no time!
  9. down to 8-9 inches from canopy only starts bleaching? wow kind of weaker than i thought. whats your end goal OP? comparing plasma to HID or full spectrum lighting verses sodium only? oh and any reason why you are adding bottled nutrients to organic soil, something you normally do?
  10. What is kinda weaker then you thought ? I can get a 600w HPS down  to 6 inches with cool tube and no issues at all.  But the plasma seems to be putting out more light at 6 then the plant can take causing the bleach effect. I am providing a comparison of plasma lighting vs hps, The fact that the plasma produces full spectrum lighting is part of that test. I am hoping to replace my HID with something and I do not think leds are the way to go. So far the 500w plasma is hands down out performing the HPS, I only hope it continues to do so through flowering. As far as the nutrients, the GH line is a proven nutrient that I have used time and time again I felt for sake of the comparison I would stick to what I know.
  11. Thanks for the support!  I just signed up for the grow class next week. Since I'm at the beginning I am trying to decide on the best space to use. I have a small area in the garage-- limitations as this is an older house (100yrs) the garage is very dusty, not very well sealed to outdoor elememts/temperatures etc. So I was thinking even if I used the garage I would need a grow tent to protect plants. That got me to consider the back deck. While it is open to elements if I was using a grow tent why not put it there its more convient for me to get to, can use extention cord to power, & if I put it in a tent it would be protected from elements right? It can get windy on the deck so not sure how that could impact it? I live in costal NCal so it is very cool, damp, foggy :( not ideal climate but I'm going broke buying from the medical dispensary!
  12. I would not put it on a deck. Use the garage and just use filters on the fan run the tent sealed it wont get much dust in. you might use a few filters along the way but its the best option. Rain and what not will get into the tent they are light proof but not water proof and a big wind would take it right over leaving you wit broken plants and equipment. Just keep it simple you will do fine
    i have an HID lumatek 2k bulb 400 watt, 2 feet next to a MH solis tek 10k bulb 400 watt and pumping around 85 watts per sq ft, if i lower them any closer than 22 inches my plants bleach.
    "I am providing a comparison of plasma lighting vs hps"
    no you're not, the only way you can do that is to match them as close as possible and running a 5.5 k source against a 2.1 k source only leads to flawed results.
    plasma is a tech that missed it's opportunity really, just before it got started LED's crushed them. price wise they're still far too costly at around $1.75 per watt,  and i tell you any light source that doesn't bleach leaves until 6-8 inches is lame, heat issues aside.
    reason for bleaching is the plants eliminating chlorophyll, due to it not needing as much due to the light source delivering more than it needs to complete photosynthesis. this is why most forest dwelling plants have very dark green leaves comparative to full sun plants.
  14. Im not real up on led vs plasma but that last line is a million % the truth! Al
  15. I will let the light prove that incorrect.
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    So far I am loving the results and the proof is there the plants are fuller with better internode spacing more lush, and if the data holds true the end product will have produced 10-13% More total assayable cannabinoids  then grown under HPS.
    Also what test would be fair ? I am already handicapping the plasma by having 100 extra watts on the hps side. I want to provide a fair test, if you can think of a better comparison please let me know  
  17. I love and live by this....test all opinions.....i think the 100 less for the plasma is fair....and still kickin hps ass !!!!
  18. I enjoy testing new things, hey I now know that it is way better then hps for veg. LOL and if it turns out that hps does a better job I am only out $945 its not the end of the world, most of us smoke $945 in meds a month without trying lol
  19. Lmao aint it the truth.....i would put money on it that it murders hps in flower too.....there are others doing big things with plasma/led on here....you will too
    950 is a lot to me.....thats my school books per semester hahaha
  20. Yeah it seems allot but it equals out in savings based on the ROI chart we will see. I think it will murder the HPS also in flower its just a all around cleaner more efficient light. There is a version with red leds on it I am thinking of getting next for a comparison next to a 1k hps

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