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  1. so i just got back from the beach and yesterday me and my friend went to the pier to wait on some girls. when we walk onto the beach i smell weed. i just shrug it off and think that it was just me cuz i had just smoked a bowl not too long ago. about 5mins later i look to my right and what do i see, a 50 year old woman chiefing a blunt. it was pretty funny :hello:
  2. Some of the best herb on the planet is grown and consumed by people over 50. I was at a lake this weekend and got invited to blaze up with a couple in their 60's, and they had the sweetest tripleberry goo I've ever tasted. I asked where they got it, and they said in the backyard. Nice!
  3. liar..she was 48 years old
  4. well if you think about it...she was token before most of us were even a thought. but ya that is pretty funny. just because how often do you see that? LoL
  5. Im in N.C.
    that could of possibly been me and my mom...
    what beach?
  6. A lot of the people I smoke with are over 50. They're so much cooler than idiot high school kids that smoke weed cause it's "cool".
  7. Speaks the truth, friends mom who is about 60 has the best tree I have ever smoked to this day.
  8. ROFL fucking badass. lol omg i almost died
  9. my neighbor is 66, man its just so chill to smoke with someone whose seen it all when it comes to weed...he remembers the dope of the 60s, and the lines of the 70s...i introduced him to blunts, and he loves em...hes like my favorite non relative person to smoke with...other than my girl...but thats a given...
  10. Hey Joker

    No shit, my Mom blazes all the time.
  11. I'm almost 40, and I have many friends 40-60 that smoke. I was the class of '86 and 90% of my H.S. smoked weed. (about 2000 students) I'm guessing, but I'd say that H.S. grads up to about '88 were mostly weed smokers. In '85 if you got caught with a gram, your name would be in the local paper and you had to go to court and fight. Now 2.5g's or less is a traffic ticket. Not newsworthy.
  12. topsail island was the beach. and the lady was all alone chiefin a nice fatty to herself just chillin.
  13. you should have started to chill with her. you might have gotten smoked out
  14. lol . whats he supposed to do ? walk up and say "nice weather huh ? can i have a hit ? " he needs to be respectful...

  15. when its reversed, say like when a 50 year old walks by me tokin...( I am in the woods btw) she introduced herself...made small talk, and I couldnt help but offer.....who whole heartedly smoke weed in front of a stoner and not share/or at least offer?

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