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50 percent thc

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by icesupra, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. look what im gona buy when i get a job and make lots of seeds of
    BC Seeds
  2. I wouldnt believe that.... strains with 25% are high.... 50% sounds like BS
  3. it says they had to crank down the canabinoids to crank up the THC. this just sounds bad to me. i once say a BBC vid where a reporter was injected with 100% thc and on another day a mix of canabinoids and thc. the mix got her wicked high and she was laughing and everything you might expect. the pure thc however, made her feel all gloomy and worried. try to find the vid if you really care. i dont know what its called but you could find it if you tried.
  4. 50% thc sounds like bull to me man, the highest recorded is around the 21% mark. this isnt a natural plant and has been GM'd to produce more, i wouldnt recommend yourself smoking this if you where going to sounds kinda sketchy, and even loooking at the price. 495 dollars, jeez.
  5. That should be a first indication of $495 that it is all about the bucks,not the breeding. I have seen 20% and even some really nice 15%, but never 50%. But you must admit, during the sixties, when 2 or 3% was pretty common, if someone would of told me Ten or Twenty percent THC, I would have certainly thought they also were BS.

    There is a lot of concern going on that the strains are getting cross bred out of reality and that we are losing so much of the quality traits that make it so good. Most breeders are in it for the dollars now and not like the early days of Neville from Holland or stock like Humbolt County Skunk Number 1 that would make a train take a dirt road.

    there are a couple of guys out there that are doing it for the love of the game and not just cranking out seeds for the beginners. Almost every grower I know finds a really nice mother and their entire crop comes from clones. Most growers I know might pick up a cutting from a really excellent strain but very few are going with the NEW Improved versions, only the killer weed that stood the test of time. There is a reason that Bubblegum, Northern Lights, AK 47 et al seems to be the main stay of most growers. It's good shit.

    It's like women, we all develop different taste in our selection process. Thank God for that or there would be one Woman with ten thousand guys waiting in line and the rest of them waiting by the phone like wall flowers. So viva la difference and I wish him well on his "next selection" of seeds. Me personally, I will stay with the tried and proven that have stood the test of time. Just my 2 cents.
  6. whoa whoa guys thats 495$ canadian dollars....thats like 50 U.S. bucks....sounds like a good deal ehh?ha ha

    seriously though, who the hell is actually gonna pay that cash for..... "50%"??? i have a bag of 100%weed that i will kindly sell for half that price!
  7. I disagreed with one of your other threads, but here, you are dead on. Why do growers stick with the true lines, b/c they work and are good. 50% THC, I will question and challenge that directly to the breeder. The fact that THC Acid is converted to THC when cannabis is heated, me and a friend decided to test several strains claiming 20% + THC levels while in NYC. We used gas chromatography analysis to measure THC % of these well known strains, all from a very reputable service in NYC. For the most part, out of over 20 strains, we found not one to hit the 20% mark. I do have a organic chemistry degree and know how to use this type of equiment and how to test for such. On avg. out of over 20 strains we had some in the 15-17% ratio, none were much higher. On a total avg. it was around 14%. I have personally tested some of my own and found high teens and even a couple which hit that sweet spot of slightly over 20%.

    Experienced growers do not fall for the colorful names and unique flavors b/c we know better. Most of these are what are considered non-bred strains. Experienced growers like results, not experiments, and many of these new line strains are merely that, an experiment. Believe what you want though, while you are at it, why not hop on over to doggy nuts too, they have some nice over priced holy grail strains too, and do not forget to pick up some of the trifoliates too, only $1000 for 10 seeds. See, true lines give good proven results, that is why we grow them and keep them going.

  8. Idk if I can believe that. That is bogus to my eyes. I dont think they get over 30 % really. Maybe all chemicals to me
  9. Wow man your going to be famous!!!! You'll be the first person to grow bud with 50% thc. Don't worry dude they aren't tricking you online or anything, they just genuinely want you to be famous!!

    But seriously man, I would check the seed bank forum to make sure this is legit. Your immediate throw away should be that it's 50% thc, but under level of difficulty it says 'very easy'. If it was so damn easy to make 50% thc bud, don't you think pretty much every medical marijuana dispensory would use it instead of using levels in the teens. The medical dispensory I've been to several times in Montreal has at the highest 16.5% thc strains written on their menu.....don't you think if it was so easy to make 3x as potent bud, they would?
  10. Plus a yield of 980 grams per M2, grows indoors outdoors and greenhouse, and a 46 day flowering time.
    Damn they created the perfect cannabis plant:hello:
  11. i think all those numbers and % the seed companys throw out there are all BULL SHIT

    give me a fuck'n break their just try'n to get more money from ignorant stoners
    its all marketing and strictly business
  12. That website is complete B.S. Have you seen how much they are selling some of those seeds for??? Its ridiculous. It also says that there G13 has a THC over 30%. I don't think so
  13. No way in hell it's true. Even if it was true smoking something that strong wouldn't be the most enjoyable experience.

    Long ago I had a strain called X-13 which was specifically designed for people on heavy chemo. The stuff was so powerful that I generally just gave it away. 3-4 hits and you felt such a narcotic high most people would throw up.
  14. Sum1 godd dammit spend the money and grow it!!! Then we can see whats good!:d:d

  15. lolz!! Sorry man, no offense, but fucking lolz!!
  16. so this shit would be 20 percent lucky at most.
    what is the higest thc right now.
    i finished the ice starin and it drying right now but get me high for a long time
  17. I'm going to have to call BS on 50% THC. I have been growing for over 20 years now and have seen all the gimmicks. Ever read the websites offering you a free phone, as long as you fill out 50 surveys and sign up for at least 3? Sounds like the same thing here. Buy the first 50% THC Marijuana strain and receive a coupon for your next purchase, or some shit like that. I smoke 16% THC MAX because it gets the job done well, and I can still function. Might be one hit wonder if it truly exists, which I am sure it has some crack cocaine mixed with it, but if 20% gets me more than stoned, 50% would be a waste of my life.

    Consider that some true bred strains, such as growers like lessismore continue to keep alive to this day, in addition to myself who traveled to northern Asia to buy clones of some plants I know people would give a nut for, are real Marijuana. Strains that say they have over 25% THC makes me laugh, because it is not Marijuana to me anymore, its Hybrid crap that was meant to fuck you up, not be a solid organic plant. There are so many addetives and strain reformers working to make up these MAGICAL strains that no longer make you feel like you hit the bowl, but hit the crack pipe. Listen, my purpose in growing is to give life to something rare and beautiful, and to look for the origionals like a baseball card collector, not to get stuff that I can sell that will make some guy pass out with a bag of Doridos spilled all over his face. If there is a real plant that is 50% THC, I'm sure it tastes like crap, no, you know what, it dosen't exist. I have been doing this and loving it for one reason, to grow exotic rare origional plants that I can relax with at the end of the day.

    This whole thread to me makes me laugh because it seems, no offence, that your between 18-21, found something online that told you there was a 50% THC content in a strain, and thought everyone would say "OH SHIT WHERES IT AT!?" There are a HANDFUL of us in GC that have the mentality of growers for the plant, not growers for the high. Smoking Marijuana is awesome and pure, unlike any other drug. If I wanted 50% THC, I would buy crack. Keeping it real

  18. I saw a pure sativa advertised for a 8 week budding time, then in the detailed description they say expect at least 14 weeks for flowering. Im like ??? Wtf??
  19. It takes about 2 months to finish flowering so that sounds about right. Finishing time always varies so its not that surprising.
  20. i kinda see what your saying and props but...if your not growing for the high what are you growing for? surely your not making rope...all bout the finished product...which is in one way or another meant to make you high

    but i see both sides of the coin on this one

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