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  1. I honestly cant tell if its a male or a female! I want to say its a female, but its hard tellin.. There not really balled like things, there like poked out like spikes but dosnt make a point it kinda curls..Then again you said if I take a plant thats been outside and move it inside and then move it back outside it would of turned its self into a male.. So i dunno, All as i do know is im gonna let tha plant grow untill something good happens! I heard male plants do bud, they just dont have red hairs and there not as good as tha female buds!Well n e wayz if this is a male plant, Im trying to start a new batch of plants... I have a hydro, but i dont know where i can find Growing Slabs, Rockwool, and a nice light to go with it?? I just went out and bought four 100watt-120v "Plant Gro N Show" lights from albertsons<<----Do these things work n e good or do i need something better????? Thanks for helping........
  2. Those "spikes" at the joints of the mainstem are normal to the plant...

    just because it went outside /inside,does not make it a male automaticaly,,the associated relative stress also contributes..

    males do bud,,but they produce pollen bearing buds,,these are not buzz material...only the leaf,and growing chutes are smokable,and with very limited potency..

    check the links for materials such as rockwool,etc..online

    grow n show bulbs,,work well for houseplant's,,not cannabis..

  3. I gotcha, but im almost positive my big one is a females it has alot of white pistils on it and crystals on the inner leaves.How high does a plant have to be before it buds,or can you for budding????????
  4. General rule is not to flower until the nodes on the mainstem become alternate,instead of opposite each other...


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