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50 for a blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RedBull13, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. So I was gonna get some ak-47 an eigth of it then things changed and my dealer said I could get a blunts worth for 50 dollars I ended up not getting it but would that have been a rip off or a deal?
  2. unless it was a 3 gram blunt...
  3. Ya please post a pic of this 50 dollar blunt. It has to be the size of a quarter in diameter.
  4. Ha he just rolled the eigth he was gunna sell you into a blunt without thinking about it at a party and was like.. well.. i mean it is worth $50...
  5. What a fag. He said he would sell you an eigth for $50 then he changes it to a gram for $50? Wise decision not buying it. Fuck that kid!
  6. thats an insult. theres no way he put an eight of ak in a blunt and if he did tell him to go fuck himself haha. i love blunts more then anything but if its real ak then that needs to have some glass on glass action. who the fuck would sell a blunt for 50 buckkssss. omg thats insane.

  7. The only reason someone would try to sell a blunt is if they wanted to rob you... Who the fuck sells blunts? Who the fuck buys blunts?
  8. Yeah you did the right thing walking.

    I roll 1.5 - 2 gram blunts. Even those are pretty substantial and I can't finish one in a sitting comfortable (I smoke lots of pot too). Buying that would be a waste. He could have even put some shitty brick weed inside it and said it was real AK47.

    Real dealers know too not put names on your weed. If they state it is just "good stuff" it will keep you coming back. Even with confirmed genetics you might not experience the effects listed for a particular type of weed which could disappoint you.
  9. Did it look like this?

    If not then good job

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  10. First time I bought was a blunt. But it was from my best friend who introduced me to smoking. He was goin out of town for the weekend so I bought a perfectly rolled grape swisher for $10.

    Lasted me 2 weeks:hello: I'd take a few hits a day and get liifted!!

    :smoke: good times
  11. rip off unless thats a fat ass blunt
  12. Well thank for everyones comments after hearing this I'm glad I walked I won't be buying from him again it sucks though that woulda been my last wekkend I could've smoked for like 5 months our school is starting sport drug testing this year so no more weed for me which sucks because I would prefer to smoke then drink and weed is better for you oh well just another fucked up system thing
  13. how fat of a blunt are we talking about?

    shyt.. if its as fat as a cigar then go for it.
  14. Yeah that would be a rip off. Fuck that. I could get a 5 gram blunt of dank for 50.
  15. :hello:
  16. Doesn't sound like much of a deal. :cool:

    But dudes, tobacco will mess up your lungs! :mad: Read this little article about cannabis, tobacco and COPD. It's just WebMD, so easy reading! :) In fact, just look at the bottom couple paragraphs- that tells the whole story in a few sentences!

    And it's weed FTW! :hello:

    Smoke pure! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  17. I never got to see it once he said a blunt for 50 I just walked and but its random drug testing so it could happen the day after I smoke then I'm fucked
  18. i mean i've smoked my share of eighth blunts and theyre nice, but unless he was actually GIVING you an eighth blunt, if thats what he meant by " a blunts worth" itd be a fucking ripoff, even so i wouldnt do it because youd have to smoke it all at once...or clip it and save the blunt, which is fucked
  19. Yeah I'm not sure if it would've been the full eigth didn't sound like it though the only thing that sucks is that's like the Only dealer where I live and the stupid drug testing thing
  20. A friend or relative who can't roll and trusts you? Or they buy it and give you a dutch to roll it right there, happens a lot but same thing. I laughed hard at the original post though.

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