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50 different Marijuana smoking devices

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Highest, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. #1 Highest, Jan 28, 2010
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    simple - list 50 "devices" you can use to smoke Marijuana :smoke:

    I'll start with a few common ones -


    Now some less-common ones

    Water bottle
    Socket and pen

    Now you guys I'm all out of ideas lol :smoking:
  2. RooR is a type of bong duuuuude.
    Chillum, Sherlock, Can.
  3. I lolled at the op's op and decided to type this,

    Deez nutz.

  4. Yea ik, here we refer to is as two different things, I probably should've specified by saying bubbler and bong
    oh well
  5. I think I saw some guy post on here that he hollowed out his dead ferret, froze it, and used it as a pipe.

    Probably a troll, but it was humorous.
  6. I'll laugh at you all day long OP

    Neg rep and cuss me out as much as you'd like. It just makes me LOL even harder at your obvious insecurities.


  7. +rep this shit. :hello:
  8. I actually smoked out of a small childs' skeleton one time. The bone marrow actually gives the potsmoke a smooth, minty, menthol flavor. Nice kick. Especially if you love the taste of babies' organs.
  9. I watched on the news some teens actually dug up a skeleton and used the skull as a bong.
  10. ^^^^That would be a cool thread. Not like this one. Pffft. We should smoke fanga bones like the did in that movie with method and red.. uhhh was it called 'how high' or something? LOL.
  11. Fanga bones? You mean finger bones right.
  12. #13 TearDownGod, Jan 29, 2010
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    WTF? No, I didn't

    I meant fanga bones. Say it phonetically and I think you'll see wut i dun did rite thar.
  13. what are finger bones are they real finger bones???
  14. Steamroller, chillum, sherlocks, apples, bananas, soda cans, plastic bottles, lightbulbs, zongs(eh), nintendo 64 controllers, GAS MASKS, vaporizers, hi-liters, toilet paper roll, pineapples, bamboo, wood, etc.... the list goes on and on
  15. troll thread is for trolls o_0
  16. [​IMG]
  17. i took the back piece of my paintball barrel and put tin foil over one side and inhaled the other

    iv used a metal whistle

    i wanna see someone smoke with their bear hand
  18. pill bottles

    turkey baster

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