50-100w HPS

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  1. How far does a HPS bulb have to be from the plant?
  2. i've got a 1x1x2 foot box and im going to scrog and LST. I've got 2x40w bulb and 2x23w bulbs... all CLF but im thinking i could use another light. and was thinking HPS. is that a good idea or just stick with CLF? i've got only a week left til i switch to flowering
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    Well sure adding a HPS would be good. Just be sure not to get an incandescent or anything
    make sure its actually a HID bulb and don't forget about a ballast.

    Adding a HPS will generally increase the temperature in your grow space pretty rapidly so
    your ventilation will need to cope with that.

    As for the height, keep it at least a foot from the top. You might be able to get down to
    eight or ten inches but you dont want to bleach the plant or kill it with heat. Dont put it
    too far because HPS lights will stretch your plant out a little.

    Good Luck!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

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