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5 year old pothead?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DiAmOnD RaStA, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. maybe if their in a eastern european country id beleive it, but ill transcripe the tiny writing for you, my eyes are okay....

    this is the start of the article

    "a girl aged five is a regular cannabis user, it has been revealed. her 9 and 13 yr old sisters also smoke drugs and drink alcohol. the case is being investigated by the northern territory family and children services department." and im too lazy to do the rest... i dunno, thats kinda messed up... shes probaly just copying her sister, i dunno if shes a pot head.... but thats messed.
  2. If thats shit is real that is crazy someone should smack their parents around
  3. I beleive it... There are some pretty stupid/irresponsible parents out there.

    Last year at HempFest a little kid was walking around tryn to bum a cigarette. I asked him how old he was and why he was here, he goes ' im 10, Im with my brothers for hempfest, I jsut took a bunch of shrooms.'

    So i tell him Im definatly not giving him shit and I walked away.

    That bugs me so bad, Kids definatly don't need to be doing that
  4. It's really unfortunate because though it is very harmful to children that early in their development, it's hypocritical for most of us to say anything about it. C'mon, most of us started smoking in our early adolesence.

    Though, we can agree that marijuana isn't the issue in question here. it is rather bad parenting, bad supervision and all the problems associate with those are the real threat to these kid's saftey.
  5. It sounds pretty fucked up doesn't it? But in reality... it's a lot different when you're actually 10. Not saying that that makes it any better, it's just all a matter of perspective. There's absolutely no study/evidence that smoking ganja impedes development in your youth... except for the same government studies that say that Marijuana is the devils drug and makes you legally insane. It's all just crazy talk...

    But ultimately, I don't think anyone who's not AT LEAST in JHS or middle school should be doing any kind of drug. Smoking cigarettes bothers me extremely for youth because if you get addicted that young it's SO excessively bad most of us can't even fathom. The way that the poisons damage the young fragile, developing tissues... it's really horrible. Even drinking at younger than 16 isn't too great for your brain and other internal organs.

    This is my guidelines:

    Weed - 12+
    Alcohol/Cigs - 16+
    Hallucinogens - 18+ (possibly never)

    These are all subject to maturity level... I just know so many druggies that are SO immature they don't even deserve the blessing of shrooms, LSD and MJ... those bastards.

    I hope that kid can recover and continue a normal child hood :(
  6. i dont really believe it, just cause of what the neighnbour said. he said somethin like "if she doesnt get her ganja and her cigs she throws a tantrum." that sounded like a load of bullshit for some reason, it kinda made things look like this guy was trying to stretch the truth. i dont believe it.
  7. [quote name='emrandel']
    Hallucinogens - 18+ (possibly never)


    Yeah, some people might disagree with you there, but I FULLY agree that one should be TOTALLY aware of the after effect of hallucinagens.

    I definatly see a change in my mind since i decided to take some cyanesans (sp?) mushrooms, for the worst. I'll be up late, paranoid, cross examining everythought, I can hardly explain it..
    In conclusion, I regret taking them, it fucked up my head, which probably isnt reversable.
  8. i think that's from the national enquirer...and's ebaums world...all their stuff is either fake or stolen.
  9. Jeez, 12? Some kids havent even hit puberty by then.
  10. My pleasure!
  11. Its so fake....seriously
  12. wow if that is real thats just sad.
  13. ^^^ what? that kid is 14.

    I dont think he should be THAT deep into it... but alot of me and my friends started smokin before 14.

    And... if that article is fake.. who would take time to write a story to go with it like that?
  14. Most kids actually and i think 12 might be a little to young, i base it on maturity
  15. The Weekly World News is who would go that deep into a fake story, Diamond. They send out a magazine weekly on "My wife left me for an alien" stories. They have pictures, interviews, and full-on articles on these off the wall stories. (Haven't you heard of Batboy? Heheh.)
    But in those mags, all the pictures are so fake and poorly photoshopped. That picture looks pretty real. And the kids are so skinny too.
    There possibly might be a place somewhere in this world- or even in the US- where parents allow their kids do whatever they please (even if that includes drugs, alcohol, etc.) So it's not like the story is absolutely impossible.
    The way the article is written is very poor. If it was indeed a true story, not only would it seem like there would be a better journalist on the report, but it'd also be on CNN at least; you know how much America hates drugs!!
    About the 14 year old stoner dude, that's his choice. I mean, I can make a myspace talking about how much I love coke and then put a few pictures of some 7 year old and make it look like it's the kid's- it's easy to fool people on Myspace.
    But if the kid really is a 14 year old stoner, whatever. Everyone has their own oppinions on age-restrictions on mind-altering shit; if you feel you're old enough to make a choice and feel you're educated enough, whatever. But 5-yrs old...not old enough to make their own choices, imho.
    Moral of this story: Don't believe everything you see on the internet.
  16. Well i sure didnt:wave:

    But the bigger picture i was referring to is that theres alot of mental development going on, and if a kid is already getting stoned i dont think its good. I know we all have differences in opinion but ide rather a person wait untill their body/mind is close to fully developed, at least 16 ide say.

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