5 year old gives birth

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  1. Holy shitballs.

    Imagine being 15 and having a 10 year old kid. Or being 20 and having a 15 year old :eek: Or being 5 and having a newborn kid! Yikes, that's some fuckd up shit.
  2. Thats so gross just thinkin about it me and my girlfriend where talkin the other day about i wonder how young someone could have a baby i thought maybe nine but five you just startin school damn.
  3. ummm no where was it mentioned who the father was... any guesses?
  4. on the list of youngest birth mothers the top 3 youngest were all from Peru
  5. The question remains...who knocked up a five year old? and why haven't they had their balls smashed with a hammer?
  6. Her dad... local dogs.
  7. What the fuck, that is weird and disgusting.
  8. wow...insane shit happens in this world..5 years old is ridiculous
  9. Holy crap. Just holy crap is all that I can say. Holy crap.
  10. If it has hair, it's fair.

    Hit it before the hair does.

    Old enough to pee, old enough for me.

    Haha damn I'm really sorry guys.
  11. that was definately inappropriate & uncalled for!!! :mad:

    naw, im kiddin :D
  12. Dude your right I bet that sick fu** of a dad of hers did it... If my little girl was rapped at that age...... I would kill every last mother fu*ker till I found the real dude... The end.
  13. it's a sick sick world...
  14. Hopefully thats one of those wikipedia hoaxes.

  15. argeed ,def not cool
  16. Um, whoa. Thats some crazy shit. Truly nuts. :confused:
  17. Who the hell would have sex with a 5 year old? If it was rape, who ever raped her should have been quartered, which is what I think every ped's punishment deserves to be.

    I remember some 8 and 9 year olds in China or something having kids, and I thought that was fucked up, but FIVE, I didn't even think that was possible, that means at five that girl had to have been having her period and shit, when most girls don't get theirs until they're like 12.

    Fucking bazaar if you ask me
  18. That's real btw.

    She should have been reffered to an endocrinologist at the age of 4 to stop her development. Extreme early onset puberty can be devestating for girls and can shorten lifespan and decrease fertility. Signs of hormone imbalence need to be observed and dealt with as soon as possible. Not to mention the stresses it places on a 5 year olds body if she does in fact become pregnant.

    This is something that can actually present a arguement for socialized medicine fore me.
  19. In the case if you guys didn't know. People sell kid for sex in 3rd world country.

    She probably was a prostitute.

    Edit:"He grew up healthy but died in 1979 at the age of 40 of a disease of the bone marrow."

    Pretty crazy if you ask me.

    and what's up with Lima, Peru?

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