5 wks into flowering

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  1. hello all, my first post. Ive been lurking for awhile and started my first "project" based on all the great info i have read here.

    My girls are on week 5 of flowering and everything looks good so far, why not great so far? that is my question. The buds are very airy and not as dense as what i see on most post on this site.

    Will there be a big "EXPLOSION" of growth in the 6th thru 10th week? Do buds really thicken in the later weeks? Im using a Bloom Booster which is 0-10-10

    1000 watts hps/mhd
    16 babies, about 4 1/2 feet tall
    great airflow/80 degrees temp
    good ph and fair looking plants.

    I just did a flush this week do to some clawing from my last round of N ferts a few weeks ago.

    I'll post some pics on Friday, I was just wondering about a hopeful growth spurt in the last 4 weeks.
  2. 8 weeks into flower, 3rd week after flush

    some red hairs but very clear trics

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  3. What is the strain you're working with?

    And yes, buds tend to get more full towards the end of the flowering period. I've even see growers squeeze the buds to judge density to see if the buds are done.
  4. A little stretchy, but the buds look real nice... how much air are they getting?? cause i reccomend you pump as much co2 into that room as you can + fans (ventalation)
  5. my girls are deisel clones from a friend. Im starting the flnal flush today, im expecting to harvest in the next 2 weeks. They responded well to the flush 3 weeks ago when i started getting the claw.

    some leaves down low are starting to yellow and look "tired". So ill take some photos after the flush today and show you whats up.

    im really pshced for my first havest, its been great fun doing this and actually watching the process.
  6. Just browsing GC and noticed your post, not seen it before so thought i'd have a gander :D

    I'm a little behind you at 4 weeks tomorrow, i set a timer in windows to let me know when to harvest, until then i've stopped counting the days but as you i'm on my first flowering plant and have been loving the growth.

    Something i can finally say... "I grew that" never once have i had green fingers but...

    Looking nice ny way dude, will pitch up a tent and watch the show.

  7. 102 days into growing, 3 weeks after 1st flush, just flushed again, nothing but pure water for next 10 days.

    its almost time....how they looking?

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  8. Looking Good.

    How mush did they explode :D - Seriously, mine has rockhard buds and are thin covered in white hairs, i'm expecting it to bloom out but i've never done this before.

    At the moment there about 3/4inch wide.

  9. seemed like the 5th and 6th week the buds all started growing together, making light super buds. now they are getting fat, fat. about 9 wks of flowering now.

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