5 weeks no pistils on 12/12

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by King12499, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone i veg my plant for 10 weeks after that i put it on 12/12 cycle but the problem is there is no sign of pistils its now 5 weeks

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  2. That’s super weird. Maybe drop down to 10 hour and force it.

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  3. -
    Should i us another bulb ?? Im Im usimg a cfl 100w and a led 100w
  4. Even small amounts of light getting to the plants during the dark cycle will slow or stop the plant heading.
    If your grow room is big enough stand inside in the dark, and wait a few minutes for your eyes to adjust.
  5. I chek it several time but no light leaks
  6. Dude let it ride out and get on HLG get a qb96v2,,get on arrow.com get u a hlg-320h-54a driver

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  7. I don’t think buying a QB will make it Flower any faster lol.
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  8. Lol nahh i was just suggesting better lighting tho

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  9. Sorta looks like it may have an iron deficiency. Didn't find anything on that stopping flowering, but it does say it will fuck with your yield and potency.
  10. Should i reput it to veg??
  11. Its a female im so happy
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  12. are you running on a timer?
  13. No i re veg my plant i also add 2 125w led warm white with my 2 100w bright white and i start to see lots of pistils on my plant one week later

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