5 weeks into flowering

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  1. Hey everyone. I have 2 plants (1 blue dream/ 1 bubba kush) that look like they might be done soon. They are in their 5th week of flowering. The Blue dream (30-40% amber hairs on top) looks closer to being done then the bubba (20%). I just have a few questions.

    What's the flowering time for the blue dream/bubba?
    Can I harvest a plant twice? The top nugs have more amber hairs then the bottom.
    If I do harvest it twice should I still flush it two weeks before finish?

    Thanks so much!!:wave:
  2. I have no knowledge of these strains....but i think ur jumping the gun maybe....5 weeks is 35 days.... that I know of, there aren't many strains truly done in that short of time. The amber i look for has nothing to do with the "hairs" its the color contained in the head of the crystal.... u can go to radio shack and get a lil hand help microscope... works great to judge ur finish time, knowing what im looking at I also use it to judge the weed ive had to buy.;)
  3. if your using hps for flowering then your looking at roughly 8 -9 weeks. If your using cfls it may be more, but trichromes are your true indicator of when to harvest.

    ThE times are just a rough guide, but you have a few weeks off.

    Pics would be good if ya can :wave:

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