5 weeks into flowering!! first grow..update

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by toptokker, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. These are my 3 lady skunks...
    wanna say thx to all who has helped me in the past:) always had a different prob at the start' now all seems well tho thought i would put a piccy up.....



    I have that same strain in my dresser waiting to be utilized, and i cannot wait.

    i am goin all hydro start to finish.

    thing is : do i lead with Flouro, then use HPS only for flowers?

    or do i use both up front?

    or just HPS all way through

    i want to do 24/0(24/7) light for two months/three...then trigger on a 6light/18dark for two weeks, then go 6/12 for final stage.

    what do you think?

    all .2 reflective sides/40gal. resivoir with aereators/ nuts in the bag, using ceremic pebbles(forgot their name)

    first time all hydro, just know finishing out 11 2-foot ladies in soil under HPS>

    peace out dawg, great encouraging photos.

    great job.
  3. yea i going on bubblers next just bought 4 of em ready to go 'looking forward to 2nd grow..
  4. very very nice. my first grow was some bagseed that ended up being skunk or at least had skunk in it. only ended up with 3 oz. off two plants due to some major heat issues (like 100+ degrees pretty regularly and 110+ on occasion :eek: ) and other noob mistakes but it ended up being some good smoke.
  5. now you got me all excited.

    cuz i have skunk/bubblegum/jackflash/and trinity variety seeds for free from my hookup, and have germinated 17, ending up with 11, count em, ELEVEN females so far. Pots FAR to small, so im now trigerring at only 18-28" tall. :(

    Also, NO topping done. I want ultimate potency.
    may harvest twice, but have hydro below pot shelf waiting for water and nutrient/timers plan.

    However, I know for a fact one is superskunk, cuz thats what it looks and smells like, and I have no idea about any others. Two are DEFINITE sativa-like blends though, with very narrow and pointy leaves! One that ended up making me suspiscious of his maleness who died, had huge, fat, lighter-green colored leaves, with very thick stem, already nearly 1/2 inch diameter in only an 8" pot.

    anyway, what can i do to encourage great finishing?

    should i use hydro nutes in a diluted watering program?


    also, what products to i sprinkle on the top of the soil before watering to add iron/magneseum/copper and maybe pring the PH down(i believe it started at 7.8 and may have gone up with my miracid additions and initial 5-7-5 waterings.

    let me know dawgs and ladies!

  6. Congratulations on a succesful first flowering, those are some pretty plants you should be proud.
  7. isnt it supposed to equal 24 hours? or is it just me :smoking:

  8. Everything sounds good with your grow Leaden except your lighting schedule. The way you have your lights there will result in slower growing and smaller plants which will equal less buds. The correct light schedule should be: on for 24/0 or 18/6 for veggative stage and 12/12 for flowering stage.

    toptokker your plants look absolutely perfect. How long you reckon you can harvest, 2 weeks or so?
  9. now get this!? my best pal, who gave me the bible, said that 24/7 continuous light is perfect to make the plants shoot to their prime vegatative height(your choice, basically)... then, with my lumens and 600watthps, I hsould be able to shorten the days to 18 TOTAL hours, thereby shaving off about 3-6 weeks of flowering time, see... it tricks the plants into thinking the days are the same, and they grow twice as fast.... cuzyou are giving them more days in the same period of time.

    it works too,

    i just got two new nodes off each of my eleven sisters overnight last night(only 12 hours), and I only had the light on for 6 hours prior.

    this is full flowering now.

    is this wrong information?


    why not?

    thanks for the advice,

    and yes tokker, those girls are looking ripe for the pluckin.

    if you say so, when i do my brand-name Supergirl/SkunkSpecial/Chrystal/WhiteRhino/Haze*N.L.
    in my hydro, i will def. do the 18/6.

    i imagine if i go flouros, i do 24/0, and if i use only my hps(have to buy new bulb) i should do 18/6 for VEG.

    But why not 6/12 for flowering?

    the 6/12 and it thinks winter is here doods! right?


    if the plants DO have hairs, but it appears on newer nodes, there are "buds/balls" without hairs, are they males?

    or do ONLY females EVER have hairs?

    this and im finally down to only females, no men have even come close to pollination of any type, and i think i pulled all the males..

    get this...

    out of 17 seeds germinated,
    I potted 17, and raised them all through seedlings to veg...

    then slowly eliminating the weak, and males, im down to what i believe are
    ELEVEN females, with one or two being definate SKUNK/INDICAS and the remaining 9 being comprised of two or so Definate Sativa dominate strains, and 7 or so perfect indica/sativa cross'.

    ill try to get digital photos uploaded within the next couple o weeks.


  10. Dude, just go 12/12 for flower. The reasoning is because the plants need lots of light to grow. In the flowering stage there is a maximum amount of hours that you want to light the plant before it is too long and will be in veg. If you don't light the plant up to this maximum amount, without going over it, the plant will not grow as fast because it is not getting enough light; 6/18 is not enough light. If you want to cut the lights down to 10/14 in the last two weeks of flower you can do that and they will ripen faster. However, your yields will be reduced on the 10/14 schedule as compared to if you have just left them on 12/12. I tried this a few years ago and it reduced yields. Just stick with 12/12 and get some pics of this female that supposedly has nuts. Just remember this saying: “Balls” said the Queen, “if I had them I would be king”.
  11. well, first off, the fem with nuts didnt have anything there at all yesterday, so im probably very early on my evaluation, they may have hairs tommorrow.

    the thing is, i am a perfectionist, and i want the ladies to grow perfectly.

    because even though this is only my first day doing things here, i trust your knowledge...so i have put a 12/12 timer on the ladies.

    this of course is MUUUCH easier to monitor than a 6/12! :)

    ill take pics and let you know.

    i cut the males off at base, and am curing them in a dark dark dark area of house*in airtight cabinet.

    i hope to smoke one bowl off each male, just the lighter leaves at the nodes i think, see the taste... spliff it up and go crrrazy.


    no one has answerred me this:

    what n-p-k ratio do i need to give em for Flowering?

    i use a striaght plain soil, high in woods, added vermiculite and conditioner to bottom of pot, used 15-5-5 for veg.... mostly... and water only.... ummm... the top layers of soil before the rocky/vermiculite/ceramic bead base are quite compact and retain water extremely well. Then, underneath that, where the roots grow, the roots have entangled the entire resources into a ball. I could transplant now, BUT I HAVE ELEVEN PlANTS In a space big enough for 5 mature plants already.

    so, I only have about 12-14 symmetrical nodes on each stalk, and of course two more off each of those, and two of those in some places.

    the tallest lady is about 29", the shortest about 14". They are all extremely healthy, except i feel there is too little acidity in the soil now.

    The buds so far are showing MANY resinous hairs, but they are somewhat thin so far. Will they really dense up nice, if the plants are doing this well?

    the pots DID hang in the air, with eight 1/4inch holes in the bottom, so rot never occured, and this room has been bug free for years. Also, its really like they are in an OPEN ROOM, with a REturn vent in the celieing that pulls air from the front room, and sends it to the AC unit next door to my ladies.... needless to say, im concerned about odor, but so far, the basement room is airtight except for the return duct.

    my best friend is a heating/cooling guy though, so... no prob....

    to section the room into a constant seedling/veg area and flowering area/ i built a frame using 2*2 and 1*2's. Then, I hung Black plastic sheeting/heavy duty from the sides of the frame pieces i nailed into theroof wood supports, one sheet covering the entire area along the top of the horizontal frame pieces, and hanging down to flow an two feet on the ground! I hung this on both the INSIDE AND OUTSIDE of the frame! Then: I bought 6*100 feet .02 reflective mylar, and hung THAT inside the black sheet inside the FRAME.

    Then, I hung my 600wt. H.P.S. about 16" above the tops of my shorter ladies, and placed their pots in the top of my HydroResivoir, taller ones to the outside... I literally have more light than noonday sun in this area, with the reflective sheets closed! The cool thing? When I close the black plastic sheets together, they overlap about two feet each... creating an S-entry point to the chambers.... you can stand within four feet of my plants and not hear or see a garshdarn thang!

    I cant wait to put reflective mylar on the chamber ceilings.

    I plan on doing this for the rest of my life.

    Cheers and Salute and Skall!

    Cant wait to try Crystal with Hydro going full blast- three plants at a time, if i get three males, so be it, if i get three girls, SUPER DOOPER, if i get one of three- it will be the most natural/potent lady in the univers of her species.

    All my next crops from here on out are going to be of these original strains:

    SkunkSpecial(next generation of Superskunk-straight from the source BDS), Supergirl(100% Feminized Strain),Chrystal(oh my my-highthc),WhiteRhino(ohyes),Haze*NorthernLights(standard greatness)!

    From these, i hope to creat a myriad new brands of my own creation, yet maintain an everlasting supply of these five originals for generations of my sons and their sons to come.

  12. for flowering you want a nute that is higher in Phosphorus. i'm using 10-50-10 which i wouldn't exactly consider ideal but it gets the job done. oh and i'd say the density on your buds is looking really good for 5 weeks but they should keep packing on the weight so i wouldn't worry. i predict a hell of a harvest for your first grow.
  13. Roger: thats similar to the outdoor ratio of my tablets i bought, which are 10-15-10 tablet per gallon of water in door, and 20-30-20 for outdoor weight.


    i shall have nice, modest, but dense sensi buds.


    with many crystals too:)

    but, i just went from 6/12 to 12/12 cycle, and one of my beuty sativas just shrank, man.

    NO BROWNING/YELLOWING/WHITING/LIGHTGREEN/ super dark leaves and thin skinny ones, with great symmetrical branching still at 18"tall, and i went in there this morning and BOOM, it had drooped, DROOPED! all the leaves are drooping at the sides, as if the plant gave up somehow.

    what gives with that?


    the other 10 are perfect, except for the one I smashed with the pot of another accidentally which i wired in place by the nodes of the top from the ceiling.

    it will live.

    and what else?

    OH> i have 11 Ladies on a shelf basically: the lid of my hydro chamber, AND, its only 3ft*5ft* in size, so their leaves are all touching. can i raise my HPS to about 22" above the tops and still get them MAJOR growing power?

    that way, I could spread them out on crates and each would have free access to the light.

    what do you pros say?

    thanks in advance by the way

    oh, if i put water in the hydro resivoir, and ran the pump with my soil pots hanging in there with their holes in the bottom, will that potentiall ruin the pump? or is it designed to let rocks/debris flow?

    anyone ?

  14. you've said 6/12 a lot. what did you mean by this? that's only 18 hours. that still leaves 6 hours in the day... did you mean 6/18? just wondering why you kept repeating 6/12
  15. oh and i don't know for sure if this is correct, but from what i've read your drooping leaves might me from overfertilizing... might have too acidic soil now. like I said, this might not be true, so take it with a grain of salt. ha. salt.
  16. its an underground PROVEN method.

    24 hours of light a day until plant reaches half of desired maximum height.

    then, trigger with a 6 hour light, followed by a 12 hour dark. Then, you can flower at 6 hours light, and 12 hours dark until done.

    it shortens the maturation time from 3-6 months, to 3-6 weeks.


  17. yes but there are 24 hours in a day, everyone else I've read just says 12/12, yours is the same you're just tacking the other 6 hours of lighting at the end of the 24 hour period. this might work faster but i think your plant would probably have more energy to use if it was just the 12 on then 12 off cycle. *shrug*
  18. the cycle starts over after 18 hours. You're thinking inside your grow box lol. I can see what he's saying yet it would seem to make more sense to hit a 6/6 instead of a 6/12 because that seems like way to much dark time.

  19. What is an under ground proven method?
    This method may lead to quicker ripening but will severely reduce yield. Sea of green method takes many smaller plants and flowers them early (like at 8-10 inches tall) thus resulting in a total time savings however, it has nothing to do with the light schedule. Just please please stick to 12/12 while flowering the entire way through. Don't try to re-invent the wheel.
  20. the above is what I was saying. more energy for the flowering so a bigger yield. i wouldn't mess with awkward light/dark patterns...

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