5 weeks flowering!

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  1. Sup guys,

    Just wanting to get some input from you guys on how my girl looks. Unknown strain, day 35 of flower.

    -FF TRIO
    -CANNA PK 13/14
    -200 Watts of CFL

    Will upload more pics this week!

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  2. Looks great! Buds are getting covered with trichs already :D Should be some beautiful buds. Got a journal?
  3. they look great mate, very healthy, well done
  4. 41 days flowering

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  5. Lookin' tasty!
  6. Nice one! Is that some purple I see in there? Hows your harvest plan, getting closer!?!
  7. Those are some really nice looking buds for a cfl grow. How do you have it set up? Are your bulbs positioned around the plant so it provides light to the whole thing, or are they just over the top?
  8. I have 3 40w bulbs above the plant about an inch away and 1 100w to the side of it. It's in a grow box with Mylar in it so I think that's helping too
  9. Day 42 of bloom

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  10. Those look amazing for cfls. Please show us the space your growing in would love to see it!
  11. [quote name='"moshi1ry"']Those look amazing for cfls. Please show us the space your growing in would love to see it![/quote]

    Second that
  12. Must be running those new hpscfl lol beautiful plant bro . Cfl rules ftw
  13. Sitting here listening to James Taylor and looking at your grow and Damn near busted a NUT!:bongin:

  14. I had to change my panties too dont feel bad lmfao
  15. 46 days flowering. Saw my first amber trich today!

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  16. Also some of you wanted to see my lighting set up.. Here are a few pics. 220W CFL

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  17. Cool so do you just leave the case open with that big cfl in there? And im assuming thats not 220 actual watts of cfls. Hows the temps in there because honestly your space looks alot like mine but i see know way of being able to get buds as dense as what you have achieved. Any secrets or something im not seeing here?

  18. That's probably 220 actual watts being consumed.. No way he's getting that kind of buds with 220 equivalent watts.
    probably 14000+ lumens.
  19. Yeah agreed. Two small 26w are 200w equiv. OP knows what he's talking about
  20. 220 actual watts. The big CFL is 100W and the other 3 are 40W actual wattage. Really no secrets, I leave the box open like in the pic. There is a fan in the corner, as well as in and outgoing fans in the box. It actual gets pretty warm in the room during the day, probably around 82-85 degrees. 70 at night.

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