5 week old clones .....need some help

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  1. i have two 5 week old clones one GDP and one hindu kush skunk
    i have them grow in a eurogrower hydro kit with floro-micro floro-gro and floro-bloom
    they are growing in a 5x5x7 hut 400W hps in a cool tube with a 6" vortex to get the air out on a speen conroller and a 6"intake fan..
    the GDP is about a foot and a half and the hindu kush skunk is about a foot 2-3 in ...
    this seems kind of small 2 me ... or am i just trippin... pls help o yea and iv bin trimming off most of the fan leaves to let the main stems grow out and so they dont block the light from the other tops ... am i doing this right ... plz help
  2. You don't trim your fan leaves...
  3. so i shuld stop trimming my fan leaves??
  4. yes, stop trimming the fan leaves. try to tuck them back out of the way if you can. or cut the tips off the ends of the leaves to allow more light through. dont just totally remove them.
    good luck..........
  5. The fan leaves are like solar panels that absorb the energy from the lights, thus promoting photosynthesis. When you remove the fan leaves, you remove the light collection source that helps plants metabolize the nutrients they take in. This is why your growth is stunted. Typically, you should only remove dead or damaged leaves. When a leaf is 50% or more damaged, remove it.

    If you have leaves that are blocking light to lower leaves, tuck them out of the way, or tie down the branches to open up the plant to get light into the core. Hopefully, your plants will rebound and start growing vertically again. Good Luck!
  6. thanks ill b doing that hope fully it works out ..

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