5 tree bubbler

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  1. Its a all clear 5 tree bubbler, made by dynamite. Very smooth. Picked it up for $180 im going to get a small ash catcher soon. Around 9 inches tall. Sickest bubbler i have ever seen!




  2. very nice :) get a carbon filter instead tho
  3. Uhm, I got a double tree perc Pure bong (pic coming soon) for 180, but that is creamtastic dude:bongin:

  4. Yeah dude you kinda got ripped on the price but its a nice bub
  5. ive been looking all over for a bubbler like this. None of my smoke shops have em =[. Lucky bastard!
  6. thats not too bad of a price considering it has a reinforced 5 arm tree, but to each his own. any idea of the artist and or brand?
  7. The brand is dynamite. Ive only heard of them a couple times and havent seen anything this nice from them. I like the reinforcing on the tree tho.
  8. i thought it was a good buy because i was going to have a custom piece made pretty much the exact same thing i drew up. so i got this. where can i get carbon filter.
  9. id take this bubble over any pure bong, ever. That bubbler looks real nice and you definetly did not overpay
  10. Cant post links but if you know what EDIT is you can get it their
  11. :confused::mad:
  12. or any other good smoke shop just go back to where you bought it and see if they have any
  13. Funniest thing. I bought the same bubbler two days ago. My tree looks a little different, but I bought it all the way up in central PA. That's a long ways from where you got yours. I paid $160

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