5 Plants Randomly Appear in My Back Yard?!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by duvaltokes, May 31, 2009.

  1. So about 3 weeks ago i noticed 5 plants sprouted in my back yard from what i imagine was from some seeds someone tossed out back. I never intended to grow, but i'm interested in finding out what i need to do to keep these puppies going.

    two of the plants are almost a foot tall and very shallow as far as the leafs are concerned.

    one is about 7 inches tall and is bushier then the two taller ones.

    the other two are still pretty small.

    i suppose my question is, are any of these enough identification on if these plants are male or female? and if they are male, should i pull them up?

    i wish i had pictures to show, but hopefully someone can help me out here.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated since none of my MAIN concerns are directly answered in any of the topics pinned at the top of the board.

    thanks in advanced.
  2. Show us some pics. Very often plants that are discovered unexpectedly turn out NOT to be MJ.
  3. Nice find.

    From the information you have provided me I have written a response. I hope it is legible.... I have eaten alot of phislocybe cubensis :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Could be a mix of dominantly Indica or Sativa based plants. It's hard to sex plants over the Internet without Pictures let alone determine a specific strain. Read up and when the season changes and the days become shorter and they begin to flower... you will be shown the magic.

    Maybe build them a fence to keep the critters away. Apart from that I'd sit back and let nature take course.

    GET PICS!!!!!
  4. could be really a surprise to see that they are mj but in the end every post like this end up with plants which are not mj
  5. If there are any males, or if you think there will be any males, prone the plants and look for balls. Literally there should be ball like objects on the plants once they are about uhh... 3 weeks old? if there is only one female I'd let natue take it's course and not pull up the males and let the female produce seeds, then pull up the males, harvest the weed from the male (it will most likely suck) and let the female finish her grow and pull her get all seeds and then grow a butload of plants. If plants grow in your back yard naturally i say your destined to grow MJ my friend. You have dam good luck and soil if so too..
  6. it probly is herb if its growing in a potheads backyard and is a foot tall. the main plant people mistake for ganja is pontinilla, aka five finger. it doesnt grow very tall and does have bright ellow flowers a few weeks int its life so at three weeks and a foot tall im sure he isnt mistaking.
    as others said jsut read these forums to find out how to sex them and when and untill then jst keep em wattered really good, lots of sunlight and maby look into some ferts if u wanna boost em up a bit. good luck man
  7. it would be cool grow some mj just how you found it. ditchweed. i really want to experiment with it. maybe through some seeds in a public area, if they grow, leave em, and whoever sees em, fuck it.:smoke:
  8. i'm about 90% positive that these plants are infact MJ.

    I scoured my entire backyard checking for similiar plants, yet found absolutely none outside of the 3-4 foot radius in which the plants are now. Not to mention they already smell like bud when you smell them up close.

    i will, however, find a camera somehow and post some pictures soon because i would like to know for sure.
  9. Thats funny, seeing that they only get strong scents when the FLOWER not VEG
  10. Is your backyard that closed off that nobody can see the plants in your backyard, let alone smell them? I would be consurned with that more then anything, because as much as I like bud it isnt worth going to jail over. Maybe you could transplant them to a more descret location.

    Q: are any of these enough identification on if these plants are male or female?

    A: If you look in between the main stem and a branch of the plant you should see pistils if its a female and pollen sacks if its a male (Looks like little balls). In cantharis's sig there is a topic for "sexing" which has plenty of pictures and infomation you can use to sex your plants. If you dont see anything yet, then they are still to young to sex.

    Q: and if they are male, should i pull them up?

    A: Unless you want seeds then your best bet is to pull those males out. This will give you seedless bud and some say it actually makes for better bud when it isnt pollinated with seeds.
  11. There is no bud on a male pot plant, you must be stoned or something. Either way, the best you could hope for from a male is a gram or two of hash which really isnt worth going threw all the bullshit to make. There are just too little trich's on a male to make it worth keeping unless you want seeds.
  12. I say get us pictures
  13. well considering i never said anything about a strong scent, then i guess i'm in the clear.

    i may have never done this before, but i can assure you i along with close friends of mine have gotten inches from the plants and they most certainly have a slight hint of MJ.
  14. the yard itself is pretty big and is completely fenced in, although the plants, when big enough, could be seen by two of my neighbors if they were to look over. they seem to be in the perfect spot, however, as far as sunlight and the earth are concerned.

    and i suppose it may be to early to tell the sexes on any of these plants. i check daily, at least 5 or 6 times, and have yet to see any sacks or pistils at the joints. they are however still vegitating at the joint of the stem and branches.
  15. Most of my plants get a pretty good hint of marijuana smell to them at around 3 weeks.

  16. My three week old vegging plant smells like a skunk.
  17. Yeah, my brothers plants smell like a skunk sprayed his closet and he is still on a veg light of 18/6...lol.
  18. thats very strange, ive grown power skunk and skunk #1 in the past and i have never had these big smell issues. Right now i have my nice sativa finishing up in the PC case underneath my desk and i cant smell a thing.
  19. yeah i agree, my bagseed that are vegging are starting to get a skunky aroma if you smell them up close. from a few feet you cant notice anything.
  20. Here are the pics....


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