5 people you want to smoke with.

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  1. Any 5 people.
    Here's mine.

    1. Bob Marley.
    2. John Lennon.
    3. Che Guevara.
    4. Cheech and Chong (i count them as one :smoke: )
    5. Dave Chappelle.

    Stay high. :smoke:
  2. I'm mostly interested is smoking with myself.

  3. 1.Jim Morrison-The Doors
    3.My Parents
    4.The Rolling Stones

    and many more...
  4. Living or dead?

    1. Thomas Jefferson
    2. George Washington
    3. Benjamin Franklin (party animal) - Frank The Tank anyone? :cool:
    4. Willie Nelson
    5. Lord Byron

    I'm feeling educational today.
  5. 1. Celph Titled
    2. Termanology
    3. Joell Ortiz
    4. Nick Diaz
    5. Nate Diaz
  6. 1.The Caterpillar
    2.Arnold Schwarzenegger
    5.Will Smith

  7. Jesus? Nice.
    Id pick all the prophets and things god had so people could realize religion isnt a fighting thing more like a.. smoke some weed and relax thing. Ya know?:smoke:
    1. Jesus
    2. Moses
    3. Muhammed
    4. That guy that they dug up and he was 2500+ years old with weed.
    5. And Probably Bob Marley
  8. Lauryn Hill back in the day of the fugeela
    method man
    nas probably number one
    dave chappelle
    big L
  9. 1. ICP
    2. Twiztid
    3. Kottonmouth kings
    4. My high school homie walt
    5. My homie joey
  10. 1. Kid Cudi
    2. Kristen Stewart ( ;) )
    3. Bob Dylan
    4. Travis Barker
    5. Miley cyrus :laughing:

  11. What?

  12. Watch out, Miley could smoke anyone out anyday. Did you see her clear that bong? Whoa And if that isnt enough, she acted totally cool about it :eek:
  13. 1. That guy in india who hasn't eaten for decades
    2. Simon posford
    3. Raja Ram
    4. Jim Morrison
    5. Ron Paul
  14. I am trading shaggy from my previous post to Philosoraptor, ^^^ I imagine it would be about he same anyway.

  15. Alright I'll trade Ron Paul for you. Then we could make up a scheme to control 3-word story
  16. My Grandfather (RIP)
    Black Thought
    Nasir Jones
    John F Kennedy
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  18. [​IMG]

    All I need :p

  19. To add a Six man just in case

    6. Ice cube

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