5 new drugs out on the market!!?!?!??1111

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    1. Blue Glass

    Type: Euphoric

    Method: Smoked

    Effects: Feelings of extreme optimism and happiness; greatly enhanced
    reflexes; sensory and sexual pleasure; visual acuity. Immediately followed
    by semi-permanent suicidal catatonia.

    Duration: Five minutes

    Cost: $1 per hit

    2. Brainscratch

    Type: Hallucinogen

    Method: Dropped into eye

    Effects: Reaches visual cortex in seconds, producing terrifying hallucinations.
    Test subjects report loss of identity and feelings of total dislocation
    from human world.

    Duration: Ten hours to several years

    Cost: $2 per dose

    3. Zom-B

    Type: Narcotic

    Method: Injected

    Effects: Stuporous mental coma, yet user's motor functions are involuntarily

    stimulated. Possible side effects may include walking off bridges or into
    oncoming trains.

    Duration: Fifteen to twenty hours

    Cost: $3 per fix

    4. Spike

    Type: Stimulant

    Method: Ingested as pill

    Effects: Rush of physical strength, invulnerability to pain, and
    sociopathic impulses. Originally developed by Pentagon as combat drug.

    Duration: Two hours

    Cost: $5 for 15 pills

    Forgot where I got the news from lol but I copied it to Word to post it later on..

  2. really teh only thing that looks good is the blue scratch
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    Wow, Spike sounds like the only one that would be somewhat fun doing. Does sound rather fake though.
  4. Possible side effects may include walking off bridges or into
    oncoming trains? Immediately followed by semi-permanent suicidal catatonia? I'd rather stay sober than risk any of that shit for a 5-minute high.

  5. Oh really? pfff ppffffffff *tries to hold it in*
  6. pff pffffff Why is that?!?!?11?
  7. Ive tried the blue shit it gets you fucked up tried it two weeks ago this dude said it was from across the country.
  8. haha, you are all pretty funny. Did you happen to look where this link is from?

    The Onion, yeah cause they do hard hitting factual journalism... that is what they are all about
  9. shhh some of them wont know that haha
  10. damnit you got us.

  11. Yeah I'm a moron. Lol, walking into moving trains. Congratulations on making me feel retarded. :p
  12. beat me to it.
  13. haha no hard feelings bro we got joe biggs too :p
  14. that's only four :confused:
  15. you read my orginal post. it read and i quote

    "brain scratch = several years??
    blue grass = semi-permanent suicidal catatonia??

    wtf?? i call fake."

    no edit. im not that dumb now.:D.
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  17. well none of that sounds very fun to me
  18. Those aren't drugs they are types of ice cream, duh
  19. Grass City needs some new trolls. It was funny, but so very obvious

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