$5 million of pot found growing in DFW area - 10,451 plants found!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by uRbAnDieSeL*ATL, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. That's why you should never be greedy. Keep it to a personal stock and you'll be fine.
  2. Motherfucker...If weed wasnt already hard enough to get around here. Prices are gonna rocket
  3. come down to the border mane, we got it by the wheelbarrow
  4. Wow, a magical forest of marijuana.

  5. umm it says your from chicago on your avatar ....
  6. sucks for you guys. we never have droughts.
  7. Dude it Chicago, Texas. Right in between Dallas and your thumb, you have to ride into another dimension.

    That sucks though. Both for the dudes getting caught and everyone in that area that relied on getting tree.

    I've been dry for the last two weeks, it's the awkward time between my dealer getting done with the last harvest and waiting for the new fresh harvest to come in. BUt, to anyone that lives in that area, always remember that desperate times call for desperate measures. In cases like this, heroin is O.K.
  8. I go to school in Texas, three hours east of Dallas. Chicago is where my parents live, and where I was when I filled that out.
  9. So far, I haven't experienced a drought here in Dallas in a few months, so hopefully this was a different supplier than my dealer has.

    Heh, I also go to a school three hours East of Dallas. I go to Stephen F. Austin University. Where do you go?

    -Antwan L.
  10. "Unless you know what you're looking for, you can walk through marijuana plants and think they're milkweed," Agent Capra said.

    Haha i think I would know weed over milkweed.
  11. But you know what youre looking for.
  12. damn, really sucks that place was found out. i hope my friends commercial growing area doesn't get found :eek:
  13. shitty. 10,000 lbs? yep. a drought is coming, probably statewide. kids, get ready for shit to cost 20 a gram all the way through, so 70 dollar 8ths. seems like this happens every other summer. last year it only lasted like a week, but I knew some guys that would only sell you 1 gram at a time to make their stash last longer/service more people. THAT had to be a bitch.

  14. damn 8ft? haha that reminds me of scary movie 2
  15. **is dry and will be dry for like 3 months
  16. for people who have seen In Pot We Trust

    does that not look like the exact crop (and the fact that they mention the 8ft plant as well) that they pulled down during that movie?
  17. evidence my ass!! they gon smoke that shit
  18. they should keep it all as evidence, and put it in my "evidence locker" (aka my garage.)

    i'd love to be at a DEA burning that big. I'd just walk around the circle for like 10 mins, inhaling deeply, and be high for a long, long time.

    but seriously, what is the mentality of burning a plant THAT PEOPLE SMOKE?
    it's like if alcohol were illegal, confiscating all of it then going "alright boys now we have to pour this down peoples throats."

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