5 Guys Burgers

Discussion in 'General' started by deadkndys, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. My dad just surprised my with one.Its like the nectar of the Gods. :smoke:
  2. burgers. yeah they are the shit man
    and they stack your fries up
  3. Is it better than In-n-Out?
  4. Never heard of it, local place?

    In n out is crappy now that I found actual good burgers from a sit down joint, burgers average $12 each, but I can't even look at in n out, it's literally xrap now :(
  5. They just opened one in my area, still havent been there yet.
  6. Hard to say In n Out is pretty bomb.
  7. ..are dank.
  8. 5 guys is so dank, they're mostly in the south and south east part of the coutry, I always get the bacon cheeseburger it's my favorite place to get a burger. The fries are alright though
  9. Yeah, I like boogers too.
    Oh, you mean burgers** ... Right, that's what I meant too. :)
  10. 5 guys burgers and fries!!!!!

    i had that the other day, kinda expensive but hella good
  11. Promptly leaving this thread now... no more munchies for me... I can't read.. of all of the deliciousness going around... Sugar Free Popsicles... Sugar Free... Popsicles...

  12. If I didn't live 45 minutes from one, I'd probably go there a minimum of once a week.

    The Cajun fries are the shit, I love getting an overly excessive amount.

    I still manage to eat my entire meal if I go there stoned though.
  13. My friend works there so imagine triple the fries and an extra cheeseburger anytime you hit them up. :smoke: And on friday if hes working we can walk out with a free order of fries and a cup of some drank !
  14. they are so dank.

    i got 2 that i know of in new england
  15. 5 Guys is good as fuck. There are a few I know of up here in Wisconsin
  16. [quote name='"Swerv"']5 Guys is good as fuck. There are a few I know of up here in Wisconsin[/quote]

    No shit?

    Any near the Greenbay/Marinette way?
  17. So fucking good, I actually enjoy the bacon dogs more than the burgers though.......
  18. Honestly didn't think they were anything special.
  19. [quote name='"GodGaveUsWeed"']Is it better than In-n-Out?[/quote]

    I never had in and out but i would say it is cause they have dank ass fries. 1 order will be good for about 3 people. They load that Shit up!
  20. the burgers kick ass, the fries not so much

    if they got the fries from Mcdonalds, it would be like a gift from the gods

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