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5 gum wrapper joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CaliKid858, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. my friends tell me you can peel off the foil of a 5 Gum gum wrapper so its just the white paper and roll a joint with this true and is it safe?
  2. lol sure yeah, I like to add a little bit of fiberglass to mine.tastes that much better
  3. You can do it with just about any gum wrapper actually. I doubt it's exactly healthy but it's not going to kill you. In times of great desperation you must do what you gotta do
  4. ^ Its wax paper, I don't think there is any fiberglass in in.

    And I've done it before, its ok but I would rather spend the $1.50 on a pack of rolling papers.
  5. Pack of gun... $3..

    Pack of Papers... $1.50 Max

  6. not to mention the pack of papers is probably gonna have loads more joints in it
  7. Can't buy rolling papers if you are below 18, as I suspect the OP is.
  8. I use to do that in High School when I had no papers. But when you lick them, they don't stick very well. Just get some papers.
  9. its a waste, the paper burns to fast
  10. I've done it before. Paper burns very very fast.
  11. They def have papers that cost more than 1.50...

    I know my regular papers do

    Kids love trying to roll joints out of random papers,
  12. When I was a kid we would roll joints with the stride wrappers. yellow was the best. ahh the days of being a young dumb kid haha
  13. wtf kinda gum are you buyin that costs 3 damn dollars? lmao. this sounds dumb.. make a pipe if your that desperate.

  14. haha. Raws, best $3 you will ever spend.
  15. LOL i got weed from a new connect once wrapped in that
    it was some icky sticky orange kush. good thing i had papers at home
  16. :laughing:

    This dude right here. " sticky orange kush "

    Get outa here

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