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5 grams at once

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Capnfalconpunch, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. My friend told me today that he smoked 5 grams this morning. I told him that it was a waste, because i have 5 g's I'm going to make them last. But he said it was fun, so, what do you think, should I give it a try?
  2. yeah sure if you got money to blow lol
  3. whatever floats your boat guy? I wouldn't suggest it, thats just me though
  4. Throw it in one blunt and face it lol that's a good time
  5. My buds and I thrown down a g and a half each, three people, so four and a half g's between us every friday. and yes it is very fun.
  6. Sounds like a waste but you will be blazed as fuck hahaha
  7. That's not a's just a matter of your personal money situation and smoking habits. Some people like to smoke boats loads (not 5G's, but even more) and others only smoke till they feel a little something and stop...everyone is different.
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    No lol, people who waste weed like that are stupid, after about 2 and a half or so grams you can't really get much higher anyways. It's all about diminishing returns. The higher you are, the harder it is and the more money it is to get high.

    For example:

    Toyota 200Hp 20k
    Mercedes 320 HP 50k
    BMW 400HP 80K
    Porsche 550HP 160K
    Ferrari 600HP 350K

    Even though you spend twice the money on the Ferrari as you do the Porsche, you only get a little bit more Horsepower.

    The same concept goes towards weed as well, yes you might get incredibly high, but not significantly more then if you were to just smoke 2 grams or so, so i'd suggest saving money and only smoke 2 grams Max. That being said, for many, being that high is not a enjoyable experience. Hope i helped :D
  9. Well, your cb receptors can only handle so much thc before they just won't reach a higher amount. And if your bud is really dank you could potentially reach that before 5 grams lol but its really up to you if its a waste lol some people spend thousands of dollars just to buy something to look at....
  10. I smoked a quarter in one session, that's only cause i got it for basically free.. unless you have money to blow id just save my weed and just smoke it at my own pace.
  11. i sometimes smoke 5g in a session, the session wud be around 4hrs but its fun, not something i like to do if i want to smoke later and dont want/cant spend any more money
  12. Roll it all up into a blunt and watch scarface for everytime he says fuck u have to take a hit. Sounds down
  13. Personally I'd save it as well as I can, but if your looking for a fat smoke I would smoke 1-3 grams and save the rest.
  14. :smoke:

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  15. 112k corvette zr1 638HP :) american muscle baby!!
  16. Do what you must, personally I think it's a waste.
  17. Well I smoke 7gram blunts to myself, so I don't see why I couldn't smoke a 5gram one.
  18. Just get people to match you a g or two
  19. i do it all the time but mainly because it doesnt cost me costs some people $30 or more to blow 5gs..that would be a waste of money
  20. Should you give it a try?

    Yes, if possible, you should try it.

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