5 gall air pots deal for set of 100.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Han-Bolo, Jun 26, 2019.

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    I think I tracked down a sweet deal online for some 5 gallon air pots. Only thing is I have to order at least 100 of them. Defintely much cheaper than anywhere else. They want like 1.55$ each but that's before shipping.


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  2. I don't think you can offer anything like that on GC...
    you know people reuse those right? Just grab a 5 pack if you are planning on using them. @MickFoster uses them (or used to at least).
    It is a good price though ...
    Have u tried hydro yet Han?
  3. Oh my bad bro I didnt know... I need at least 12 of them and I just happened to be bargain hunting lol. Ill edit the OP right now.

    I messed around with Hydroponics a bit when I was in College.
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  4. Those pots do grow great plants but they create a ton of run off. The water comes pouring out of all of the holes way before you ever get your medium soaked well. Just something to think about. Fabric pots have basically the same effect without as much mess
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  5. so just have to poor really slow? With my fabric 1 gals I noticed it was the same pot and same spot that always dripped out the side. Must've been the root growth or something. I was thinking about giving it a try because Im getting root bound in 3 gal plastics with my Autos. I want to run at least a 5 gal but cant find any of the tall pots. The Air pots are a tall pot so thats why they caught my eye.
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  6. Yes pouring slowly will help out greatly. I'm not trying to sway you against buying them, just wanted you to be aware. Like I said they are great pots and I do use them occasionally. But I do like my fabric better for the reasons mentioned
  7. If you need a taller fabric pot, have you thought of cutting the bottom out of one and then inserting it about 1/2 way into another. Just remember to lift it from the bottom one if you need to move it.

    I've found the best way to prevent water from channeling is to use a 2 gallon pump sprayer. Spray a bit, wait a couple of minutes spray again, and keep repeating. It's time-consuming, but at least you know your whole pot gets watered without it channeling and either running out the side or bottom.
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  8. I use fabric pots and two round, successively larger, plastic trays under them.
    I water until some seeps out the bottom.
    I syringe-up whatever flows into the tray.
    That works perfectly for *me*.
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