4x8 room 1000 watt ot 2 600watt?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Irondog, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Hey yall, just have a question about my shed grow. My shed is 4'x8'x8' high. Im gonna load it up with at least 12 plants.

    with the room being rectangular, would I be better off with 1 1000 watt in the middle? or 2 600 watt lights evenly spaced to cover both 4x4 areas?

    a friend told me I should use a 1000 watt due to the lumens I will get, and it should cover the area.

    thanks in advance
  2. I would go for the two 600Watters evenly spaced in a 4x4 area...enestially you will have more lummens the just one 1000w ... might even save you the necesity for a light mover !!

    Regardless... Both scenarios are optimum for some good herbage :smoking:
  3. two light sorces are better then one:smoking:i would goo with two 600w cool tubes or whatever there called
  4. 600 watt HPS are the most efficient in terms of lumens/watt, so you would be much better off with two 600s.
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    Not necessarily true... If you read the thread I linked in my signature, I compare CFL to HID. Although this isn't exactly a CFL question, My research showed that the 1000watt HPS is more effecient than the 600W HPS by about 4 lumens/watt... Based on the argument for better light distribution, I'd say go with the two 600w hps also, but not based on any expectations of getting extra light output...
  6. Killer guys and gals..looks like I will invest in 2 600's . Thanks everyone!
  7. Yes, the 2 600w will suit your purpose. But of you do stadium grow, the 1000 watter will do just nicely.
  8. (2) 600W no doubt about it! Enjoy your grow!
  9. I'd go with the 2 600s...

    doing a 4x4 and plan on 1 600, the two 600s should give you great coverage(and if you can go digital/electronic ballast)
  10. 2 600's and blast them suckas:cool:
  11. 2 600's or 1 600 on light mover and do a 4' by 6' area

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