4x4 Grow Tent 3rd Unpacking

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  1. I've had at least 4 Runs with it and in this environmental situation, its a real pain. The tent is a 4 x 4 the spot in the room is a 4 x 4 and their shelves to the right not much room for maneuvering so when you unpack the tent I definitely could never do it the way the instructions said by putting the bones up and pull the tent around it.

    This time I'm definitely putting the bones up inside of the tent frame by frame but it's so tight one of the polls always seems to not want to quite have enough room to lock into place. Anybody else ever have issues like this?


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  2. Unlatch or Unscrew the shelves

    once the tent is up

    leave it

    return the shelves once constructed

    good luck
  3. I was think that and or put the tent in the direct sun for an hour or so and get it very hot. It will give more that way. Its too stiff probably
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  4. Didn't have to take out shelves that would've been too much work

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