4x4 closet w/400w mh for medical clones

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  1. this is officially my first indoor grow. ive got some experience from a backyard grow my bro had years ago. always messed w/ bagseed grows but neva got em big enuff do to location. had 3 bagseeds grow in a bucket under 4' flouz but took em outdoor to tha canyons and they dried up dead. always been educatin myself for many years now and had my setup used by another grower buddy but now its my turn to use my own lights. i love smokin variety so i also want to grow variety even i struggle to keep some alive. as a ca caregiver i hav plenty of access to variety of clonz so i will go this route for now till i get some real seedz.

    custom 4x4x7.5H closet in garage w/ 400w mh horizontal mount hangin 18" above 6 main clonz($20): white widows (ww1 & ww2 & ww3), morning star (ms), bubba kush (bk), and ak-47(ak). one large intake fan blowin above plants. open exhaust hole @ top corner. mylar all around walls.

    vegin temps range from 63F to 79F (california coast weather) w/ ballast box outside closet. all mainz in 8.3" standard clay pots after first and only transplant. soil contains 4 parts of soil, 2 parts moss, 1 part sand, 1 part perlite then i added 2 tblspns of blood meal (13-0-0) only after soil tests (ph & nutes) then finally had my custom soil w/ 7ph C-grade for nutes (D being highest) according to soil tester. vegin 20/4 and flowerin 12/12. initial vegin began on 3/3/06 for ww1 &ww2. lost couple of others from major transplant shock. 3/11/06 bk & ak added to vegz.

    all girlies watered ro h2o every 3 days about 250 ml. also misted twice a day. went thru some hurdles w/ ww2 which was very yellow after the first week. gave it more blood meal and plant food that it got its color bak and outgrew ww1 by the fourth week under vegin.
    (old pic)[​IMG] ww1flowin.JPG
    i also had a cali-o (co) added 3/11/06 but after 2 successfull weeks it shoked after its transplant now its dried up and weak after it wilted then shrivled its leaves. now its under flo lights in my flo-cabinet w/ my current newbies. now i got 2 kritikalz.
    (old co pic)[​IMG]
    (old sc pic)[​IMG] sc1.JPG
    ww3 was vegin under flo-cab mostly and in pure soil not custom. ww3 is taller than my ak which came in 2 wks b4 ww3. ww3 has a brighter color than ww1 & ww2 and is skinny and long from bein under flouz. i did put ww3 under main veg closet for 1 week b4 changin to 12/12 flowerin cycle. ww3 got some of its color bak but only 70%.
    4/13/06 flowering started. 12/12 cylce w/ 400w mh for tha first 4 weeks and im hopin to have 1000w hps setup by then. if not i will use my 1kw mh and try to mount some red flouz for final stage of flowering. my goal is to have 2 seperate chambers to bring in newbiez from med-shop and keep harvestin every 2 weeks. i also goin to get skunk #1 (sk1) pollen so i can super size my girlies kidz.:D
    :smoke: (veg pic)[​IMG] flowergarden.JPG
    my newbiez blackberry (bb1 &bb2) and ICE(I). bb1 & I came in 4/8/06 and bb2 added 4/15/06. had to get a second one cus they are unique to the world (hard to find like g-13). these newbiez (trio) will grow under flouz along 4 bagseeds (2 sprouted) till i can build my veg closet now that i got a flow-closet. i am also germinatin 4 jolly rancher purp seeds in wet napkins inside tupperware to join newbies and trio. these 4 jr purp seeds came from LA med-shop that sold 5 for $100. so i will keep males alive if any so i can get pollen too. my ambitions of a crossbreeder!?:rolleyes:
  2. Wow, lucky. I wish I could get clones as easy as you!
  3. very nice man i will keep a good look out on this thread :) only thing i ask of you is to post some pics of the actual setup you got going ;) always love to see other peoples things in action haha
  4. heres the actual closet prep pix closetwitmylarsetup.JPG
    this is top view look @ reflector reflectortopview.JPG
    and finally an early garden pic showin intake fan blowin above plants between light

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  5. :hello: 10th day of flowerin shotz: ak-47 flowerinakcloseup.JPG
    bubba kush flowerinbkcloseup2.JPG
    morning star flowerinmscloseup2.JPG
    buba kush again flowerinbkcloseup.JPG
    morning star again flowerinmscloseup.JPG
  6. here's shotz of the jolly rancher purpz i sprouted: jr family pic jrfamily1.JPG
    jr 1 jr1.JPG
    jr1 wit my nu clone baby called HOG jr1&hogtransplanted.JPG
    HOG is a hard clone to come by so i had to get it (along wit some smoke). this is a nug shot of the big bud AfGooey.:smoking: grade A!!
  7. yay thnx for the pics... damn all those little plants are lookin good same with the adult ones... +rep
  8. thnx cody im tryin real hard to keep up wit all of em. gotta sacrafice to get rewarded:smoke:
  9. haha yea its like a full time job when you have that many plants and stuff... life flys by so fast when your doing it too...
  10. damn i got my new hog very wilted. it arrived a little down and after transplant it just got worse and hasnt shown any good signs :confused: . damn imma hav a hard time gettin another one cus they go fast. i found two last saturday and took the best lookin one. but the travel time is far (1hr away) and the fresh one got hit by the heater so one side was already lookin down b4 i got it home. fingers crossed:(

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