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4th Of July

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by iseesmurfs420, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. What is everyones plans for 4th of July? Personally me and a few friends are gonna get 20 grams and smoke till we drop. It should be a fun night indeed :)
  2. Ill probably light myself on fire with some fireworks and then smoke the human chronic...
  3. my daughters birthday is same day as urs :D but she'll only be 15...wait!? did i say ONLY??? lawwwd im gettin friggin O.L.D. :eek:
    lol i will prolly go to this lil park on lake erie where it is legal to set off big ass skyrocket fireworks... althought since its "my job" to roll the doobs someone else can light the fuses :p
    toke on :smoke:
  4. We already had our big fireworks show here - 9 people shot, good ol Detroit. And everything that shoots into the air is illegal here so I'm not going to be doing much with fireworks, I think I will just sit outside, drink some whiskey, smoke some joints, and listen to Skynard :)
  5. We always B B Q a hog on the fourth..

    Fireworks galore.. Between about 30 people last year we had 6000.00 dollars worth of fireworks...

    Smoking and drinking and cooking and the best part of all................................... EATING
  6. A lot of vodka, herb, and friends, most likely. Damn, now you have me all stoked for it.

    ^^^ BBQ, YES. YES. YES. YES.
  7. Originally my first grow of mushrooms was gonna be done right around the 4th, but thats not happening anymore.

    Still, I wouldn't mind getting some mushies that night. Watch the fireworks. Smoke a few blunts and just relax. :)
  8. ^^^^dude that be sick ahaha....but dont go all trippy and start launching fireworks out of your hands and shit...

    man if I shroomed arround explosives someone would seriously get hurt lol
  9. me and a couple of friends are gonna shroom!! the 4th is my weed birthday so its a good time to shroom for the first time. oh yeah.... smoke smoke smoke smoke smoke. gonna be bigger than 4/20 was for me :)
  10. I wish I could shroom. But there's absolutely nothing in my area in MA. Anyone else from MA have this same issue? Because it's pissing me off haha.
  11. Sensi if you really want shrooms you should grow them. All the supplies probably adds up to 50 bucks and you will get lots of shrooms. After the first harvest just take prints and you will never have to buy anything again except substrate. Contrary to what people say growing shrooms is not that difficult.
  12. well i am either going to lake havasu for 4th of july, drinking, smoking, hot girls showing there boobies.

    or its a keg on the beach and just chillin smoking.
  13. Sensi, I'm from mass and shrooms are kinda of hard to get but if i ask around for them i can usually get them within a couple days. For the 4th im havin a party at my house sensi u should come and well trip our sacks off
  14. some friends and I are gonna go camping :D, I love camping man, we're gonna get soooo wasted :D
  15. camping... one experience i look forward to this summer. never done that with my good friend mary jane.
  16. Creative, I've been trying pretty hard to get some shrooms. I just dont' have the right connections for that stuff anymore. Meh. You live by the coast or more inland MA?

    Thought about growing. Not too hard, eh? I'll have to do some research. This could be good. Won't help me for the 4th, though hehe.
  17. I wanna shroom or something cool like that, but I doubt it. Shit I don''t know what's going on at all this year, but for the first time I will be able to drink on the 4th...... legally.
  18. i live by the coast, like 10 minutes away from the beach. Maybe this fourth will be a repeat of last year, get cocked on the beach all day then back to my house to smoke till i pass out
  19. goin to a campground,smokin for sure, maybe drinkin, and of course, fireworks!

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