4th grow with 300w hps for flowering in coco coir. Trouble nutrient abundancy or lockout?

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  1. Much a do to you guys today and happy 4th of July in advance!! This is my 4th and 5th plant in a 3x3 using emerald harvest line of nutrients and currently on midflower week1 of 2 however i have a feeling i might have hit a bump on the road to success. I have here an Orange fruit bound (agent orange x (killer mike's eastbound x fruitypebbles) [​IMG]

    However i left for vaction for about 3-4 days and came back to my leaves looking like this[​IMG]
    Before leaving i had fed them their last feed of early flower a couple days before i had left and had my brother feed them a batch of premade nutes the 2nd day i was gone. Im honestly sure the last feed i gave then before i left might have done something but im not quite sure as my brother didnt give me any specs as to how the looked before hand what do you guys think this could be? [​IMG]
    I have an inclination it might be nutrient toxicity like N tox but idk it could also be a manganese deficiency.

    Any help is much appreciated brothers.

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  2. get a microscope FAST...and check the undersides for a dreaded bug called the russet mite...they make the plant look like it took heat stress...overwatering or an array of nute deficiency...causing the grower to do a bunch of other shit that's not gonna fix it ....I learned the hard way...there is videos of the epidemic in the west part otlf the USA on YouTube..there you can see a closeup of what they look like....they make you wish you had spidermites...they CANNOT be seen by the naked eye....and I have not yet heard of a case where someone won the battle against them....microscope is the only way...magnifying glass won't do it.....there like 50 bucks....the leaves in this pic and symptoms you have explained remind me EXACTLY what I was going through..
    in fact...I'm made a thread 2 months ago called 15 days into flower and now this please help....they won't show that much damage in Veg....but during flowering they turn into the borg...Dude...

    good.luck and good grows...keep us posted.....

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  3. What size pots? Do you have perlite in the coco? Feeding/watering schedule? The pH of your nutrient solution? The pH of your run off?
  4. 5 gal pots all since the last time i checked the feed read at 5.8 ph and i am currently on mid flower week #4 of flower

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  5. At first glance, I see all kinds of things going on here. But before anything is recommended, you need to give us more info about how you take care of your plants normally. Sounds to me like you're over feeding them big. You'll get no more growth from pouring chemicals in your plants than the flower lighting you have will support. In other words, light is the key to growing a big plant and getting a good harvest....not nutes. The nutrition of a plant is important to keeping it healthy and thriving, but nutrients are not responsible for the rate of growth of the plant...simply plant food. To get one of these plants to produce the way you want, you really have to overkill on the lighting...for every plant. If you have one lamp and lots of plants, you have to raise the lamp high just to cover them all with light. By doing that, you lessen the effect that the light has on each plant and you end up with scragly lanky plants with underdeveloped buds. I wouldn't suggest trying to flowering a lot of plants at once until you get good at flowering one or two. Looks to me like you're lacking on wattage pretty bad in flower and need more lights added in to flower all these at once. We run 1000 watt HPS lamps for flower but only flower 2 plants per lamp. This gives all the plants plenty of room to spread during the flower cycle so light can penetrate the canopy and develop out all the buds instead of only the tops. Crowding plants together just shades out light and the further away the lamp, the less good it does.

    But something is wrong with your process as far as tending the plants because they shouldn't look like this at this stage of the game. They should be full of big fan leaves that are praying to the light and really experiencing vigorous growth. You don't reach the shedding of leaves until further into maturity, so something has happened to cause massive leaf die off here. The striping in the green leaves makes me want to think pH problems...but again, until we know more about how you take care of your plants, not a clue. Do you let them dry out to DEAD dry before watering? If not, you should. You should be able to pick up the container and feel no weight. If you do, there is still moisture in the soil. But again, fill us in about how you do what you do and see if we can help. TWW
  6. Feeding schedule? Temperature? Run off pH?
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    This is very bad advice. Apparently you didn't read his post or you just think that every grow medium should be treated like soil. The OP is growing in coco and it should be fed everyday - it never dries out - it's hydroponics. You know nothing about growing in coco but you continue to comment on a grow method you know nothing about. I don't grow in soil, so I don't give advice to soil growers. You don't grow in coco so don't give advice to coco growers. Stick with your soil.
  8. Took my carson scooe for a quik look friend, i dont think i noticed anything out of the ordinary, i took an affected leafe and look at the joint where all the serreated leaves meet and nothing...

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  9. Run off is questionable will get back to it as far as nutrient and feeding goes i feed whenever the soil is dry but not bone dry, i take my finger and judge about .5-1 inch of the the surface of the coco for judgment on the feeding. As far as leafiness goes for the stage i am at so far, i have been pruning to have a better light exposure on my canopy, however with both plants in this tent leaning to their sativa physical trait of talkness its been a challenge. Temps are moderate to low heat stress is no issue here. This is the 4th week of flower "midflower"

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  10. Also could think it has somthing to do with the water i had left premade. Im aware of hydro nutes spoiling fast. I had left the premade solution in a dispenser for about 2 days before my brother had used them in my absence but i dont think one feeding would call for such a devastating outcome

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  11. Coco is not soil and should not be treated that way - coco is hydroponics and should be fed everyday. Daily feeding replenishes the nutes and when fed to run off it pulls in fresh oxygen to the root zone. Coco should never, ever dry out - letting it dry causes salt build up and daily feeding flushes out the excess salts.
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  12. Would a submersible pump be called for at this point then? The watering is a (almost) a daily routine. Basically i just keep the coco moist at the root zone.

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  13. Here's a pic of 2 plants in mid flower - they were fed everyday for the first month and twice a day when I switched to flower.
    Flower 4 weeks.JPG
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  14. Coco holds 50% oxygen even when sodden. You can not over water with coco. As mick above states.
  15. Very well done! Thats a beautiful grow my friend, but could salt build up be a contributor to the symptomatic problems at hand? Should i flush with ph balanced 5.8 water and refeed?

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  16. Some coco growers do use some type of automatic dripper system, but I'm not familiar with it - I hand water.
  17. You never, ever just use water - ever - it messes up the cation exchange capacity. Salt build up and pH fluctuations, can cause the problems you're having. If you flush, and I would at this point, use a 1/4 strength nute solution. But if you don't feed everyday to run off the problems will reoccur.
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  18. So just to be clear it probably is a toxicity of sorts right?

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  19. My bet is that the pH is so messed up that the plant can't absorb a number of elements - hard to pinpoint. Just flush with 1/4 strength nutes that is pH'd to 6.0. Most, but not all deficiencies are caused by pH fluctuations. Remember that none of the damage will go away, so it will be difficult to know if it worked because your leaf growth is over - you're in flower.
  20. very true I learned the hard way in coco coir years ago..1/4 strength nutes.
    drain to waste with it don't try and reuse that water... this will correct what's going on if indeed it's that ...and it's tough to dry out and not good too anyways...A LOT of ppl are treating coco like soil that's NOT what you want treat it more like rockwool...in fact the only difference to me between the 2 is that rockwool doesn't "grab" the nutes as well as coco coir does but aside from that ...the 2 are eerily similar. you can even set up and ebb and flow using pots and coco coir treat it the same as an ebb and flow with rockwool...and see no real difference ....

    good luck and good grows keep us posted

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