4th grow. This time oudoor

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  1. here are my trainwrecks (two medium sized plants) and short riders (two small plants).

    Trainwrecks are at week 5 ( they usually take 11-12 weeks of flowering (strange for an auto, yes I know)

    The trainwrecks are into week 4 flowering
    Short riders are into week 3 flowering

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  2. @Frankffs
    Bug zapper with the grills cut away so I can brush out the dead moths each morning.
    BT once a week to keep the caterpillars under control. Start spraying right now. Minimum ratios will do the job nicely.
    Green Cure for the Powdery Mildew.
    Takes a bit of work to get a clean outside crop and not have the caterpillars ruin it all.

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