4Lokos Ghetto Grow, Input Please ;)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 4PoCoLoKo, May 19, 2013.

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    Tell me what you think, I know the aluminum foil is kinda pointless, but what else should I add in there?
    It's made out of a big cardboard box, plan on vegging two in there hopefully one comes out fem.

    The two tubes (kinda useless till the plant gets bigger) are 7800k, the two hanging CFLs are 5000k, with the guitar lamp at 5500k, hopefully the differences don't affect the plant too much. I also have an oscillating fan blowing just enough to twitch the seedlings a bit.

    Sorry for the shitty quality I will get some better pics hopefully.
  2. missing a fan plus maybe a place to get fresh air in, hot air out?
  3. I have a oscillating fan pointed directly at the plants. It's not grown in an enclosed space so there is tons of fresh air and co2.
  4. If its not enclosed you dont need to worry about fresh air. You will however have to worry about 12 hours of darkness, what are you going to do then cover it up? 6500k is optimal for vegetative growth so i would see if you cant swap out for 2 40 somethins or 2 55's in that spectrum since the ones you have arent going to support those for very long.

    Foil isnt actually that bad. People don't use it because it crinkles and creates hot spots under hid lighting. CFL's dont get hot though so foil is better than nothing because aluminum is one of the most reflective surfaces its just not advised because of the hotspots and crinkling not evenly dissipating the light. If you can i would suggest painting the inside of your box flat white, that would be a lot better than foil because yours is pretty crinkly.

    The pot on the left needs way more soil too, its only half way lol. Your roots wont do much growing if they can only go 3 or 4 inches deep. It also looks like theres 2 plants in the pot on the right. They say 1 per pot for a reason. In that tiny area 2 plants in one pot plus the other one is going to be a clusterfuck.

    Check out my grow its as ghetto as this, im almost in week 4 of flowering though. I have clamplights hanging from strings attatched to a hanger rod in the closet lol.
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    The box is setup in the garage, so if I need to make it dark I can just blackout the door and the window no problem. The seedling is getting pretty tall so I am going to add more Perlite to the left one, and the one on the right does only have one plant in it. They are extremely healthy so far, getting my second set of fan leaves.
    I will be getting some more lights to add to the sides because I don't want much stretching going on. In about a week or so I want to transplant them in 2 gallon pots too. That box is a lot taller than it looks so it can definitely handle it.
    They are in Perlite pots right now, but they will be transplanted and harvested out of a 100% Perlite Hempy Bucket. I'm using GH Flora Series for nutes.
    Also, it's bagseed so I will only be growing both until I can pull out a male if there is one. I hope they aren't both males, or a female comes out hermie...
  6. They look good man it sounds like you have know what your doing. Ill follow this thread though, are you gonna meep it updated?
  7. Ya its going good bro keep it up
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    I'll keep it as updated as possible. Got a long road ahead of me, but I'm going at it from sprout to harvest, hoping for a few O's. I have a project outside as well that I will take pics of also.
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    This is the fan


    Timer, pretty neat shit...


    Lights through the top


    My outside Hempy Bucket 100% perlite.



    Random shit growing outside in a pot. Don't even know what medium it's in.

  10. good luck on your grow bro. my phone wont let me see pics so i cant really comment on those, but happy growing!
  11. I'm guessing the perlite is brown on the right plant because I planted it in nute free soil and transferred the lil cube of it over into all perlite. Will that cause problems?


    Here are my outside plants I sprouted in 100% perlite they are doing good in the 14 hours of daylight they get. I hope they don't flower for a while though.

  12. Nah they wont flower, shady light is still light to a plant. It needs to be completely dark for 12 hours for them to flower.
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    I just got my GH Flora Series in the mail. Any tips on a feeding regiment? Lucas Formula?


    When can I start feeding also?


    Yeahhhh I post a lot of pics. I just want to help out those who may not know. (including myself)
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    You want to start feeding when they develop their 3rd set of leaves or when the cotyledons fall off, those are the tiny round leaves. As for feeding start with 3tsp grow 2tsp macro and 1tsp bloom per gallon, thats where i started. Then i iust switched the grow and bloom in flowering and do 2/2/2 for the transition between veg and flowering. Just dont overnute, less is definetely better than more. Its harder to recover from overfertilizing than underfertilizing.

    Edit: i should mention im using advanced nutrients jungle juice so its probably a little different. If your good at math and conversions and shit just start at 1/4 strength of what the bottle says and dont go over half. Thats just a general rule of thumb with bottled nutes. Maybe someone who uses the flora series would be able to tell you the max an average plant can take and work up to it. And water with plain water every other watering or every 3rd. I decided to actually read the bottle the other day though and it said to mix the micro first and then mix, then add your grow and bloom because if you dont it can cause nutrient lockout. Im not sure if you knew it or not but i figured if you didnt its good info to have. One last thing is if your using water from the tap let it sit out for a few days to let the chlorine evaporate. If you can purify your own water with a RO filter it would be better but i use tap with a ph of 7.2 and it works fine.
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    Almost all six of my plants are just now popping out those tiny 3rd sets of leaves. I think they are doing great. I'm going to wait until the third leaf set is about as big as the other sets. I did see about how to mix the nutes on the bottle too ;).
    I am using rain water that's PH'ed somewhere around 6ish. I'm using PH hot tub strips to test it but the colors match up with the range just fine. Is that reliable?
    Also I plan on going and picking up some superthrive tomorrow, is it ok to mix in the dosage in with the GH Flora nutes?
    Any rules on nutes diluted in water sitting inside over a few nights? Like if I make one gallon I won't use it all in one watering, can I use it next watering?
  16. No you need to mix your nutes fresh every time. When are you going to start using the super thrive?
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    Just got it, going to use it next watering. The Perlite dries really fast outside so I have been watering every time I feel the soil is bone dry

  18. Your just gonna give them superthrive right?
  19. Yes for now until they are old enough for nutes, when they are is it ok if I mix the SuperThrive in with my nutes?
  20. Im not sure since i dont use superthrive. I dont think it would hurt anything but thats just my guess dont take my word for it.

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