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  1. well my dad got his old 2000 taurus back from my brother...even tho I currently have 4 cars...what does he decide to do? give it to me because I have worked hard in college and was a financial advisor for 5 years and already got my certification to be a CFP. Pretty damn hard for a 29 year old to do. So I figured I can sell it for around 3-4k and am looking for a reliable car to beat on when stoned and just have fun with considering I dont enjoy beating on my 2 daily drivers or my 2 seriously fast cars. There are no 240sx's for sale around that are 5 speed and have some mods, a couple of my friends have chevy cavilers and they are super fun, but also do 0-60 in the 12+ second range and are auto...basically my only requirments are that it is a reliable car, 5 speed, and isant insaily slow. What do you guys suggest? I am already set on bud etc. etc. But If I have left over I might get myself a bowl (only have a straight hitter good for 12 personal hits and a bong) Might decide to get myself a scale if I have enough left over.
  2. Get a mazda rx7 turbo II there reliable a blast to drive and in stock form they can take on any ricer buzzing around you
  3. I would buy a couple lbs

  4. rx7 reliable? turbo even? doubt that, rotary in, apexseals out
  5. a mk3 jetta/golf vr6
  6. take sweetleaftoker's advice! get a couple lbs, sell it and have way more to spend! :hello::D
  7. you got 4 cars...? dam man i work my ass off and i got one car crankshaft punched a hole in my engine had the ford escort 2001 for 4 months at most. madza rx7 be amazing but if i had 4 cars id buy few lbs
  8. try and find a 2000 or maybe a bit earlier Nissan Maxima. They're aren't horribly slow, and I did the same thing I have a show/performance car that i dont like to beat on so i got a maxima and its the shit with the 5 spd and fun to beat on will last forever too
  9. I got my baby for 4 stacks even in cash:


    1991 Toyota MR2

    129k, 5 speed 2.2l mid engine
    2 Seats, power everything t-tops
    A little bit sunkist but everything else is good to go, great fun car to daily drive
  10. Communist is correct... though id way rather have a 3sgte haha. Here's one in Twin Cities
    1993 Toyota MR2 Turbo

    They're fast... 0-60 in 6 seconds... still top out near 140-145 i bet. :cool: even with that many miles on it ;)
  11. I would go supra over rx7 and yes I don't believe there that reliable. Plus I could never beat on a rx7 (there too rare!) and expensive to fix (no rotary shops around here at all) I don't even know anybody that could get me a lb for less than 5k plus its just throwing all of that money away. The mr2 seems like a good option and I know that 3s is a good engine. The maxima I just dont see any potential in. Ill do some more browsing on craigslist and tell you guys that I come up with. THANKS FOR ALL THE ADVICE
  12. And just curious are you looking for something that can fit at least 4 people, do you care if it's FWD, RWD or AWD? Auto or manual? You claim you already have 2 fast cars... what are they haha? :confused:

    Here's my suggestions:
    Mr2 of course (mk1 or mk2)
    VW mk2-mk3 Jetta Vr6/Golf Vr6
    Integra GSR
    Sentra SE-R
    300zx (Z31 or Z32)
    Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
    Audi A4 (2.8... do not get the 1.8t it's terrible and will break, my buddies turbo went out on his @ like 130k.)
    BMW E36 3 series (325's are nice)
    Fox Body Mustangs (5.0)
    Datsun 240-260-280z or 280zx
    Eagle Talon/Mitsubishi Eclipse
    Mk3 Supra

    Impreza 2.5 rs ('98-'01)
    Lexus SC300/SC400
    Mazda Miata

    There's lots of options.

  13. Z28 camaro is cheap enough just get it 96+ or carbureted dont get anything that is OBD1

    OBD2 or nothing
  14. f body's are terrible... only camaro you will get for 4k is a LT1... and my car stands a chance against one :eek:

    Not worth the money imo when you could have a 200-300hp talon tsi that's awd and will rip that thing to shreads on any kind of turf. Same with MR2... then again im not a camaro/firebird fan yet i would take one if it was nice enough :cool:
  15. Tell me what state you're in and ill link you to a nice ass car.
  16. what about a volvo 850 turbo or s70 t5?
  17. there not to bad all that emmision crap they got aint great but they do ok and there is always fun to be had with rear wheel drive v8
    but if you ever gotta do any kind of work to an F body like that good luck

  18. seriously..

    You say you have 4 cars? what the fuck do you need 5 for?
    Unless you were planning on sending one to me, then its all good;)
  19. i love these cars as well... 240hp or so :) i think they top out near 140? Faster than my moms passat i bet :eek: (vr6 4motion... though it might have it off the line haha)

    Here's a nice one for 4k
    1998 Volvo S70 Base Black 99000 miles
  20. hahah hell yeah dude, volvo for life right here!

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