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480 for a Z

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DaTokeMaster, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. man prices around here are a bitch. I just got some stuff called mr. nice guy...smells like a skunk....but i paid 480 for a much do you guys pay for headies around your way?
  2. where are you? that's not horrible, depending where you are at on the food chain. here, in atlanta the more exotic strains are 450-600 a zip.
  3. $200-$250 for really dank shit. Gotta love Canada.
  4. i'm from md...damn man...i guess its not too bad. i was going through some other threads and people were saying "if you pay more than 200 for headies....youre getting ripped off"....i was like what???
  5. 400-450 for regular headies, nicer shit is probably about what you paid. It varies so much though.
  6. 80 for a zip in TX, or at least in my city, $300 would get me a QP of reggie, but $250 a zip for some dank.. Prices for dank weed is pricy around here, but i've known my dealer since high school, so I get killer discounts :smoke:
  7. nah man here in maryland thats a straight price. itll usually go anywhere from $400-$550 for a zip of the reeeeeal good. just got some kush yesterday for $400
  8. cool man. that makes me feel a little better. my boy said that he gets some different stuff on a semi-weekly basis so i'll let you know whats next. he told me he had some stuff called tnr...said it was dankkk
  9. wtf 480$:eek: ive never paid more than 220 and I get some pretty funky bud.
  10. Shit-80
    high mids-120

    45 min South of Boston
  11. For a while it was close to $450 a zone, prices have fallen back to $350-375 from what I am told.

  12. the "street prices" for zips here are $300-400 depending who you know
  13. things like kush don't exist around here. sometimes unknown dank will roll in here the dealer will slap a name on it and charge double. So I just buy a bunch of high mids in place of a little dank

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