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45lb dog ate 8 cupcakes equivalent of budder

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by lalamann, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. So my dog literally cant walk or even lift his head up, his eyes are so squity they might as well be closed.

    When i pick him up and set him on his feet hes walking sideways.

    I laid him on the couch to chill, weight to weight, this would be like me eating 40 cupcakes.

    2 of these cupcakes got me BLASTED and im 205 pounds.

    He seems to be breathing just fine, hes not panting, but he either cant move, or is passed right the fuck out.

    Should i be concerned, i didnt notice until he started acting strange and immediately remembered i left the budder on my coffee table, so unfortunately it was already too late to get him to the vet to have his stomach pumped (MAJORLY irresponsible i know, fellow dog lovers im sorry.)

    I dont think its anywhere near enough to get anywhere close to lethal, but this dog is FUCKED up right now. Like i said hes breathing fine, but im slightly worried how the psychology of a dog would be able to handle something this strong.

    This dog is more stoned then any living thing ive ever seen. EVER
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  2. I'd take him to the vet if he ate so much. My dog ate about 2gs of gold caps that I put on a sonic cheese burger one time. Never took him to the vet after a quick Google search.

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  3. No one can be sure what goes on inside of a dogs head. But, I haven't read any stories about a dog that got PTSD from a massive dose of THC.

    A dog eating that much is going to be in a semi-comatose state. It might take a week for him to return to normal. Maybe he'll have vague memories of the day everything got weird and blurry, perhaps he'll have an aversion to cupcakes if he makes the connection.

    I don't think you can do much, other than watch over your dog. Don't try to make him wake up, probably better that he's unconscious and sleeping it off.
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  4. Hey dude, been a while since I've seen you around.

    I'd say let him sleep it off and keep a close eye on him.
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  5. I had same situation in Da 80's. Dog slept for 4 days. Wife slid towel under back end. Bowls of water by side.
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  6. I think the best thing is to take the dog to the vet. It's ethical and responsible. The vet will not report you. I did it, too. Good luck.
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  7. Could have been worse. He could have eaten your homework. ;) Sorry.
    I think your dog will be fine. Might even thank you later. Oops Sorry again.
  8. Hey, OP, how's your dog?
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  9. I gotta tell you I probably would have taken my dog to the vet regardless, if his breathing is that low I wouldn't chance it...Lesson learned to make sure you keep your meds locked away where the dog can't get em.
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  10. Also, the dogs will pass highly medicated poop, something like up to 80% for up to four days after watch your dogs and clean it up responsibly so some other poor animals don't follow the same fate by getting some space poop. I had one dog get under the skin hydration and was okay but then my other older dog ate the first ones poop... She got mad fucked up too and I had to take her in to get activated charcoal and was monitored for a day and a half, she's old and blind so I didn't want her to be so terrified. Honestly, it fucked me up more than them... When they are whining and crying and nothing I could do would help I am DAMN glad my vets were helpful and understanding.

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  11. No not the couch!!

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