450 for a qp, damnit! ugh

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    It's a drought, plus big players who provide a lot of weed to my part of the world keep getting shot.

    turns out the weed is great, shit i'm high as hell!
  2. by playing the playas in the game yo
  3. You gotta be the shooter. But no, don't do that.
  4. fuck that shit
  5. If thats for mids thats a bit ridiculous if its for headies buy it lol!:smoke:
  6. Yea, unless that's mids that's a great price.
  7. drought? theres probably a grow op in your neighborhood and you dont even know it. Everyone always says theres a drought in there town but they don't have a record of every piece of weed coming in and out of there city to prove these statistics.
  8. i thought you meant it was $4.50 for a quarter pounder at McDonalds...

  9. i think it is!!
  10. [​IMG]
  11. 3.99 or more pluys tax
  12. well slap me sideways and call me a bitch

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