45 days later and still no roots after cloning directly into coco?

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  1. I cloned from a mother directly into coco, used some type of organic cloning gel and put them right into wet coco.

    45 days later, after watering regularly, the clones have new growth but not a stitch of roots have popped out.

    Any idea what could have caused them to not root, but have some new growth?

    What can I do to force these clones to root so they will begin to really grow well?

    I took about 35 clones, a few died off over the last 45 days and only about 4 or 5 have actually rooted and grown a decent amount, maybe are about 8" tall now.

    But the rest are still 3" tall and only a few shoots of new growth, and the tips are turning yellow - and it's not burned from the nutes as I'm using organic Nectar
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  2. I've cloned many times before, sometimes struggling with them, but never had I not had the majority of them pop roots at all.

    I used clean scissors, cut 3" clones and dipped them in an organic cloning gel, used Nectar for the Gods nutrients, which I have been using for years. Placed them in soaked coco, under a brand new T5 light and continued to feed/water them when they would start to dry out.

    After 45 days they are still alive with a little bit of new growth, but no roots.

    Should I pull them all out of the coco and put them in a tiny domed cloner with heating pad? I don't know what else to do or have any other options. I don't have a regular aeroponics cloner, but do have one with the plastic dome and heating pad.
  3. You are over watering
    Don't mist or dome
    I had a African power x Grape Prez. Clone I thought was gonna die In coco solo cup for 30 days. Close to stem rot.
    No roots.
    Read somewhere about not to over wet coco.
    I let it dry out and now is vegging along great!!!
    Good luck
  4. Yeah I think you guys are right I was keeping them too wet. I let them dry out and I think they've begun to finally root. Should see a lot more improvement over the next week or so.

    Won't make that mistake again! lol holy shit it's been a long 50+ cloning days
  5. I am just kinda amazed that after so long in too wet coco that a plant can still root!!!
    Coco be sum goot sit mun!!
    Peace n Love
  6. Life is an amazing thing and will thrive to survive....

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