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Discussion in 'General' started by IndianaToker, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. Ah yes, the time has come that everyone who joins this board waits for.... Their 420th post. Let's see, I'd like to thank my family, my dealer, my friends, Norm, Sensi, RMJL, Budhead, Critter, Woody, Dirty D, Super J, Cottons, Oh hell the list is just too long!!

    On a serious note, thanks to all the people that make this such a great place to hang out. I've learned alot from all of you, and I hope that perhaps I've shed a little wisdom into your lives as well.

    Damn, I'm getting teary eyed....Oh wait, that's just some dust in my eyes, yeah that's it! Anyhow, here's to many more posts!! Wishing all of you fellow blades and bladies safe and happy holidays!!

    i have so far to go....sigh

    i will post on...lol



    so we get anything when we hit 420...like a gift certificate to the store...*hint*

  3. lmfao, sweet dude... I'll reach it soon and celebrate with a little blunt fest, is that cool? yeah CONGRATULATIONS!
  4. Kick ass, IndianaToker!!! When you hit 420, it's like entering the Land of Oz...there's lions and tigers and bears...OH MY! Well, it might not happen like that for everyone...but you've reached a milestone and I'm happy for you...happy enough to do the happy dance.:)

    ::::doing the happy dance::::
  5. ya do the hokkie pokkie and you turn yourself about ...

    thats what its all about!
  6. YAY!!!!

    Yet another song destined to be stuck in my head...."...that's what it's all about!"
  7. congrats....man i forgot all about my 420th post....guess i was too fucked to remember....can someone plaese let me know when i'm close to my 1420th post so as i don't forget??.....Peace out....Sid
  8. LOL, boy that was awhile ago! :D

    LOL, STML my friend. I forgot to tell you when you were close. :D

  9. ok mate go for 6420..........but i bet you'll miss that one too.......lol..........stoners........lol........Peace out........Sid
  10. hah, that kinda confused me for a second. i was looking at the thread, then your post counter and thinking :confused: lol...
  11. ^^^

    You wasn't the only one confused. :confused:

    Haha, I got it under control now though.

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