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  1. so guys what are your plans for 420? im blazing all day eventhough its a school day i hope i dont get caught i havent yet so i should be good. i will be smoking lots of weed i hope and eating alot of food. what are your plans?
  2. in honor of this holiday i really dont mind all the repeating threads on this subject...hey, it only comes once a year. thats a pretty unique idea by the way. haha.

    oh yea and....pgroove ftw.
  3. i get done with class at 6:00, then i am going to the market to stock up on munchies/dinner/bunch of gatorade

    then smoke myself stupid the rest of the night and have a blast
  4. I have a physics lab until 8:30pm :mad:. If I can take it earlier in the week I'll be going down to the beach for some grillin and blunts.
  5. I am on springbreak then, I will be in Arizona with my family though.....SAD
  6. what u think... BLAZE IT:smoking:
  7. last day of tuesday/thursday classes before exams...oh well one last skip wont matter
  8. smoke an unfathomable amount of purple erkle :)
  9. i think my friend's baking us some brownies for lunch at school. a bit suspicious, as if the teachers won't know, but who cares. haha.

    if you're talking about the band, i googled them and been listening to this real long jam for the past 10 or 15 minutes. these guys are sweet. you mean youre going to see a show?

  10. hell yea, i cant belive youve missed my thousand of posts and wasted space how im going to this show. their light shows are mindblowing. pm me for details about it, i dont want to sacrifice integrity
  11. nothing to do

    hopefully lsd
    huge joint to cap the night off

    good 420 for sure....

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