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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XemiS*RR, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. 420s commin up whats yalls plans ?

    ima prolly burn me an oz in a few hours and then burn a little more ;)
  2. I have an important concert to perform from 8-10 at night on 4/20. Plus I have class during the day. Doesn't that sound fun?
  3. I have class from 10-12....then 4-7, after that its time to BLAZE....

    Get a half OZ of haze with a few of my friends and just chill, watch some classic stoner movies (Cheech and Chong, How High, Friday, etc).....its a tuesday so I mean cant be anything really big
  4. that sounds pretty tight, ill probably end up at a party somewhere...kinda the usual tho im lookin for something funner but idk
  5. i'm probably not gunna smoke a half o. but i'll stay blazed all day. that's for sure
  6. ahh i am one lucky person, 4.20 happesn to fall on my school vacation so i am proabbly gunna smoke meself silly in respect to the greatest plant on earth!


  7. i plan on chillin with some buddies, hittin some blunts..some bong hits , some joints will be smoked. just like any regular day
  8. Me and 2 friends are gonna put in for an oz. One friend just got a bong that we'll be hittin all day. We have all been smoking a lot lately so we are gonna quit until then to get extra fucked up.
  9. going to play socom2 and get chiefed out buddy

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  10. Man, 4:20 is going to be my day, I am gettin my new car,I am getting a new Roor, the new KMK, and finaly a ounce of some kind bud.

    Lets light up my last joint, for this days.

    This toke is for all thos wonderful stoner gals, and this toke is full all of those great stonerfolk.

  11. you realize thats an anti weed ad right?

    Hmmm. My possible 4/20 plan/prank.

    Near where i live, theres this water plant, and out front theres these bushes that say "H20". Me and this kid i work with and his crazy ass buddy are gonna head down there at night with hedge clippers, chopp off the bottom left of the H, leaving a huge 420 out on a major fucking road in a major business section lol. If we pull it off, it will be fucking sweet.

  12. I have my last exam on 420 and it's in philosophy. Chances are I'm going to get stoned and go to my exam, then have a stoner party (dark side of oz, spongebob and probably a few other trippy things) with my friends.
  13. AHhh, my plan on 420...

    To wake up at 4:20 am blaze, and keep blazing, and blazing, o yea and take off work that day, walk around town blazing finding other potheads to blaze with and then chill at my niggas house for a lil while...then its set
  14. smoke a lot, chill with people

    rinse and repeat.
  15. At 12:00 am 4/20 Smoke 4 phat bowls!
    At 4:20 am smoke 4 more bowls
    At 8:00 am smoke 4 bowls
    at 10:30 am smoke 4 bowls
    at 12:30 pm smoke 2 bowls ( lunch time!!!)
    And repeat this cycle!

    Oh and at all times have Bob Marley playing loud!
  16. ^^^
    What about bongs, blunts, and joints??? :confused:
  17. Ya for me its a school night so I dont think Ill be smoking as much as I would like too. I think im gonna roll a fat blunt and smoke it to my face then listen to music and fall asleep :)
  18. I'm planning the usual--an assload of friends, an assload of weed, loud music, and more weed. I wouldn't be suprised if we go through an oz or two, it's worth it. 4:20 rolls around twice a day; 4/20 only comes once a year.

  19. Ah yeah, probably just the usual. My friends and I said we are either gonna make some brownies or just smoke a large amount of weed. Should be good times.
  20. I'm gonna get some bud, and go visit my uncle... hopefully he'll have some too. and kinda celebrate/remember when my (other) uncle was still with us

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